Hello There and Welcome to my Styling Page! I’m very excited and completely humbled to be sharing my styling techniques with you all! Always remember that great style starts with a well organized closet. Happy Styling 🙂

Services I Provide

I’ll carefully evaluate each piece of clothing in your closet with an eye towards what’s best for you and your personal style. Together we can decide what stays, what goes, and what items you absolutely must have to meet your style goals.

We’ll decide based on your personal style and look about what works, what doesn’t, and, most importantly, why

After re-vamping your closet, I’ll show you how to put together and accessorize looks from your own wardrobe and create personal look books based on your closet options.

Personal Shopper and Stylist

First, let’s go shopping for those  ‘must-have’ items and anything else you may need to create and revamp your wardrobe.  I’ll choose the best options for you based on our free consultation and personal style. I’ll help you find items from classic pieces to the latest trends, and will advise you based on a variety of styles.

If you choose, I can even take the guess work out of our shopping trip and pre-select where to shop and have everything ready to go in your private dressing room when you arrive based on your needs, style personality, and budget.

Personal Look Book 

Who doesn’t love a great visual? With the innovation of technology, we should use it to our advantage especially when it comes to fashion, right? Well that’s the idea behind creating your personalized ‘look-book’.  I’ll style a variety of looks for work and play, and capture them in a beautiful arrangements of photos and create a digital album you can easily access anytime. See how fun and easy getting dressed can be!

Special Events

Everyone wants to look fabulous for any event, small or big! Let me help you shop, and style your perfect look for your fabulous event! Together we can find the perfect look that will make you feel confident and stylish.

Men’s Services

Because Men can be fashion forward too right? So whether you’re the CEO or work for the hottest new tech company, your clothes should complement your frame, personal style, and career. Let me help you clean out your closet and refine your work wardrobe, and put together great casual looks for weekends, and outside of the office. We’ll make a list of items you need to complete your wardrobe and go shopping together. Be the man that always makes a lasting impression at every event!