On The Way to Bali, but First Lets Taipei

On The Way to Bali, but First Lets Taipei



The Hello Kitty Terminal/Gate at Taipei Airport (regretfully I forgot to include photos of the other terminals- sadness)  

So we are finally on our way to Bali! YEY YEY YEY! I have been dreaming of visiting this beautiful island and the country of Indonesia for over 10 years now. After a full days work at work (meh) and attending half of my first-day-of-class for my AutoCAD class, it was finally time to head to San Francisco Airport for our 1:30 AM flight to Denpasar, Bali! Hashtag dreams  come true!

By the time we landed in Taipei (5 AM Taipei time) we realized we completely missed the entire day of August 31st! We got on our first flight headed to Taipei, Taiwan at 1:30 AM from San Francisco, CA. When we finally landed in Taipei 14+ hours later we were welcomed by beautifully decorated and themed airport terminals and gates! They were all individually themed from; Hello Kitty, music, reading, hot air balloons, just to name a few. It was so fun to just walk around and check out each terminal/gate. I think we walked around for over an hour just to check each and everything out. I truly felt like a child exploring the various terminals and their themes, I think I even started skipping through the airport at one point. Typical to most of Asia, there are plenty of stores to keep you busy and broke if you are looking for souvenirs, gadgets, designer items, etc. The downside to the airport, especially given how big the airport is, there was not that many restaurants or food options. I personally am not a big fan of airplane food so I usually like to buy a meal at one of the restaurants at the airport and eat that for the journey. Have any of you guys gone to Taiwan for vacation? Or had a layover at the Taipei Airport? Thoughts?


Some of the phones they had at the airport near the Hello Kitty Terminal. The detail of Hello Kitty was too adorable for me to handle (^_^)

The bummer to Taipei was that there were so limited food options which was a bummer, but (drumroll please) after being in the fun Taipei airport, we were able to ride not just any plane but the Hello Kitty plane! I’ve added pictures below! The Hello Kitty plane is literally filled with everything Hello Kitty! I was really impressed with their attention to detail including Hello Kitty into their dessert and plastic wear sets (pictured below). The pillows were everything Hello Kitty and the blankets as well. It was truly an honor (feeling like I joined an elite group of HK people) to ride the Hello Kitty plane, and you will most likely read about it again in my blog post in a few weeks because we also got to ride the Hello Kitty Plane on the way back  (^_^)

The Hello Kitty Plane was complete with Hello Kitty accessories on their seats as well as their silverware and food! Hashtag- Eating And Flying In Style



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