Dressing Cute in The Snow

Dressing Cute in The Snow

It has been raining, actually pouring, here in the Bay Area which means it is snowing over in the mountains! We were fortunate to make it up to Tahoe for the 3-day weekend (MLK Jr.) to get some good boarding in while the weather has been playing nice. It’s not my first time in the snow but for some reason I did not own any snow boots. So this year, instead of braving the cold in my fake Uggs as I have been doing, I decided to invest some money into snow boots. I did my research and decided based on my estimated usage (occasional use), and desired fashion look, the Sorel’s would be best for me.


Key to being in the snow; jacket MUST go over your butt…keeps your whole back and core warm!

Since I typically run cold I wanted to get the ones that go as far up my leg as possible for maximum warmth. These boots typically run $180-$200 depending on the website. Right now they are on sale at Sports Basement for about $100 (link below).


Dressing up for the snow is all about layering up, but there are still tons of way you can still be a little fashionista!

Bottoms: I like to wear leggings because they are more air-tight on my body than jeans and/or pants. Obviously leggings alone are too cold, so I wear Faux-Fur Lined Leggings under for added warmth.


It was so cold in S. Lake Tahoe, but thank God for the Sorel’s they seriously kept my feet warm

Top:  I layer big time up top for the cold. I wore a simple long-sleeve black thermal with a thick knit sweater and a Utility Parka (Faux-Fur Trimmed)  that go over your booty to keep myself warm and bundled.

file_003Thick knit sweater and parka for the win!


Do not forget gloves, scarf, and a beanie! Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Shoes: Sorel’s Joan of Arctic Snow Boots and Sorel’s Grey Joan of Arctic Snow Boots




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