Fashionable Leggings

Fashionable Leggings

Hey Guys! I hope everyone has been keeping dry,safe, and warm as any parts of the U.S. are hit with rain and snowstorms. I’m sure most of us are ready for change in the weather and would willingly swap the rain clouds for tan lines. To get ready for sunnier and warmer days, I wanted to share a look with some leggings, since it’s almost that time we can put our over-the-knee boots in the closet for next winter, but still isn’t warm enough for cut-out shorts and sandals.


These are by far my favorite leggings, they remind me of Egypt 😀

This is where I like to mix up my look with some cool leggings. I am a big fan of plain black leggings to pair with almost any look, even as my cheater pants under skirts and dresses. However, I’m also a lover of substituting leggings for pants- Big FAN!


I really like to wear these leggings to work for both comfort and style, it’s something different than your typical 9-5 work pants.

Key Shopping Tip when purchasing leggings, especially if being used as pants, get sturdy and functional leggings. Meaning you don’t want your leggings so stretched out and have transformed to sheer tights. Careful when purchasing white (or dominantly white) colored pants because you don’t want them to be see through.


Cut-Outs like this make me feel so badass


I’ve linked a few of my leggings pictured here as well as some other online boutiques that have great leggings for price and quality.

Embellished Beaded Black LeggingsFaux Leather Black Cut-Out LeggingsPearl Studded Black Leggings

Websites with a Large Selection of Leggings 

Great Site with Many Unique LeggingsAnother Great Site for Unique Leggings


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