Coastal Getaway Look Book 1

Coastal Getaway Look Book 1

We’re well into summer now and with so many of us on vacations, staycations, and baecations I thought why not create a blog post full of fun looks for a weekend getaway on the coast! My first look is this adorable white and blue two-piece set that literally matches the ocean views!







This was actually my very first photo shoot that I’m blogging about where I used an actual professional camera! Trying to take my blog up to the next level and bring you all quality content with quality photography and videos! Thank you in advance for all of you who read and check out my blog posts, I appreciate you so much!

Despite what people may think about California always having a warm client, the coastal cities can get pretty windy and cold even in the summers. Even while taking these photos it was pretty windy and average temperature was bout 60F, which isn’t my definition of a ‘Beach Day’. So when I’m in going to Monterey, Carmel, Santa Cruz, or any other Northern California Coast I look for lightweight pants that keep you covered, especially against the coastal winds. Two-pieces sets like these are perfect because it doesn’t make you look like you’re dressed for winter and the light colors and material give you a complete summer/vacation feel.

I paired this white/blue set with nude accessories because I thought it completed the whole beach look. The blue and white remind me of the water and sky while my nude shoes reminded me of the warm sand. Hope you all have a great rest of the week…happy shopping my loves <3






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