Must Have Winter Jackets

Must Have Winter Jackets

Hey There! Can you all believe we’re in December?? I feel like every month when I post something towards the beginning of the month I’m always like, “WOW! Can you all believe that it’s….(insert month)….”. By now I should be a believer. LOL. Most of California, except south of the grapevine is full on in (California) winter! We’re talking like 50 degrees here on a daily in some places! To keep myself bundled and warm I heavily rely peacoats, trenchcoats, and all things of that look and feel because the added length helps keep my core even warmer and covers my upper legs as well.

Coats in general can be pricey and finding a GOOD coat can be even more pricey! My mantra is that coats are definitely an investment that you don’t want to skim out on. A good coat can last you a decade (true story- or longer) with proper maintenance and care. I’ve linked some worthy investments below (all on sale because we need to save where we can on an investment as such) but also linked some designers and brands that have great quality without the sticker shock! Happy Shopping my loves 😀

Quick Fashion Story

Ever wondered why Burberry Trench Coats were so pricey? Well they were one of the first iconic pieces of this nameless brand. Having a classic Burberry Trench Coat is like investing in a classic Chanel Bag…it will keep most of its value at resale (can’t understand why you would do that but each is their own).

Pieces Worth Investing In: Here

History of Burberry Trench Coat: Here

COATS – click on photo for link

DKNY Peacoat (Camel), $175 (orig. $455)

London Fog Wool Military Coat (olive), $130 (orig. $255)

London Fod Gray

Burberry Hooded Wool Blend Coat (de (Camel Melange), $995 (orig. $1,395)

Burberry Brown

GUESS Skirted Peacoat (White), $112 (orig. $245)

Guess White.PNG

Burberry Trench Coat (Black), $657 (orig. $1,100)

Burberry Black.PNG


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