All About Bridesmaids

All About Bridesmaids

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year! Not sure about all of you but I cannot imagine we’re 18 years into the 2000’s! Eeeek! I took a pause last week on the wedding posts because of the holidays but do not want to miss a beat now that 2018 is here!

For my third blog post, I really wanted to share some fun ideas for bridesmaid’s proposals and bridesmaid’s dresses! I’m not super artsy or creative but when it comes to making gift boxes for my girlfriends I go all out! Michael’s becomes my temporary new addiction and my pupils glisten with red P’s from all of my pinterest-ing.

Bridesmaid’s Proposal

If you’re not familiar with a bridesmaid’s proposal, it is the cutest way to ask your bridal squad to officially be in your bridal party! This is so fun and one of those “you’re only going to do this once” (hopefully) type of situations. Remember to ask early because you NEVER know people’s future plans. I’ve included some fun bridal proposal ideas below!

Balloon Pop


Box Proposal

bridal box.PNG

Traditional Card






Bottle/Personalized Champagne


Ring Pop/Push Pop (Great for flower girls!)

push pop.PNG

Bridesmaid’s Dress

I feel like bridesmaid’s dresses is one of those touchy subjects. Here’s why.

There are some brides that love every step of planning including adoring their bridal party in the most perfect dresses and accessories, if this is you then, ROUND OF APPLAUSE! Because on the other hand you get those brides that decide to wait suppeeeeerrr last minute to go dress shopping with their crew and some even act like it doesn’t matter to them what their wedding party will look like on your special day! Rude, rude, and rude! Your wedding party will be there for you in ways you cannot imagine the moment you say “Yes” to the proposal. Don’t slap them in the face by treating them like the red-headed step child.

Reasons why (I’m glad you asked)…

1) Alterations can take time especially during peak seasons (April-September). 2) I bought my MOH two dresses because I could not choose and also did the same for one of my other bridesmaids. I definitely recommend going as one group to try the dresses, colors, etc together! Especially if you are mixing and matching! 3) In addition, your bridesmaids will hate you for several reasons.

They’re forced to buy a dress for around $100 that is not flattering to their shape, size, skin tone, or anything…rude!

By rushing this process, your bridesmaids will not be able to find a dress that really flatters them. Don’t be selfish, remember they’re going to be in your photos! Do you wanna spend thousands of dollars on unused and never to be seen photos….

…and speaking of photos, remember that everyone photographs different and just because your MOH is going to rock in that bright strapless fuscia dress, it may make one of your other bridesmaids look like a fuc%in tomato about to explode all over you…rude again!

I’ve included some helpful content from other wedding sites that dives a little further on the topic! Some of these sites were ones I used myself when researching! Kennedy BluePerfect Wedding GuideInside Weddings, and George Street

If you’re fully set on everyone having the same color dress (still absolutely stunning), but want to play mix-up you can choose different dress styles for your bridesmaids. If you do choose this option, I would recommend that the dresses have matching lengths- but that’s my personal suggestion of course.

Obviously it is your wedding, so nobody will ever tell you how to plan your perfect day. I always like to give brides ideas and suggestions on “being different” and “stepping out of the norm”. Mix bridesmaids dresses are becoming extremely trendy and still can make for an extremely elegant wedding (I dare someone tell me mine was not).

Also, if you have anyone who is part of the LGBTQ community in your wedding a fun option is a woman’s suit or a pantsuit (a little more feminine). I had a friend whose cousin was a lesbian but still wanted to be very a part of her day and she allowed her cousin to wear a suit that matched the bridal party. Great Option!


There are so many ways to be creative with your bridal party, if you want to be. See some photos of my beautiful bridal party below!

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