The Craze About Pop Ups

The Craze About Pop Ups

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Have you guys noticed the rise of pop-up museums all over major cities lately? I’m not sure exactly who started this trend and different people and articles cite different museums as the original “pop-up”. I’m here for it either way. Living in the Bay Area near historic and artistic San Francisco, we’ve been blessed that some have chosen San Francisco as their Bay Area pop-destination.

Museum Of Ice Cream

If you haven’t heard of the Museum of Ice Cream or the ice cream museum- as some people call it, I’m sure you’ve seen photos of it in your Facebook and Instagram feed! It is the magical place where adults get to be children again (for $45 because being a kid was never free? Thanks Mom) and get swerved multiple servings of delicious ice cream!

It’s a one-way museum. Meaning you don’t go get to go back once you continue to the next room…so take your time! You can easily get through the entire museum in 1-1.5 hours depending on the crowd size.

Note: I’m specifically blogging about the MOIC in San Francisco and though I imagine the others are similar, I can’t imagine the others are too different, but please keep that in mind as you read about the different rooms, etc. 



Whether you’re going alone or in a group of 10, you’ll enter with a group, that group is your TEAM! You’ll have all the basics, a team name and a team captain! You’ll be given a few rules, most important rule is forget all of your adult worries and prepare yourself to have FUN!

The first room you’ll see is covered with fun ice cream history and facts, but read carefully because you’ll be quizzed before you’re allowed to go further! Hope you picked a smart team captain!

Ice Cream First…

What I loved most is that you are constantly getting ice cream shoved in your face! Not bad if you ask me! They served ice cream from local creameries in the area and had them create exclusive flavors just for the Museum of Ice Cream. Some of the ice cream is “dipped” in unicorn tears (which by the way are delicious and gluten free, jk)

Rooms in Pink

So many Instagram-worthy rooms at the Museum of Ice Cream. All the rooms are decked out in pinks, glitters, rainbows, or some must-snap-a-photo-room!

Gummy Bears and Cherries Always on Top

Ice Cream is incomplete without candy and cherries on top right? So of course they had dedicate rooms for ice cream’s two best friends!

Bananas, Whip Cream and Swings…HUH???

Leave it to the creative geniuses behind the MOIC to recreate a simple swing!

UHHH Did Someone Just Say ‘Sprinkle Pool’?!?!

Probably the most infamous room in the entire MOIC is the SPRINKLE POOL! And literally that is exactly what it is…a pool filled with sprinkles! Everything about the sprinkle pool is LIFE…the saddest thing about the sprinkle pool is that you only get 4 minutes to play! Enjoy every moment of it…100% guarantee that you’ll find sprinkles in the most unexpected places ;P


Color Factory

Similar to the Museum of Ice Cream, you get a GUILT-FREE kid day for $40-$45…YEA totally worth it! The color factory reminded me of a sensory museum with exhibits organized by color! They used a variety of mediums to showcase everyday colors in everyday things.


Pick-up a jumbo crayon and get to coloring or have a crayon sword fight instead…whatever’s clever 😀

Never Ending Confetti… 

Is it really a celebration if confetti isn’t involved? Live your best life in the confetti room! It’s a confetti shower.

1-Minute Video Tour

Other Pop Ups, Maybe Near YOU

I’ve included a few notable pop-ups that I’ve also had my eyes on for a possible pop-up in San Francisco or nearby! I’m always interested to hear from you all so if you’ve been or know of the ones below or others in your area, please share!

Museum of Ice Cream

Museum of Ice Cream is opening up all over the states! As of February 2018 they have three locations in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami. Check out their website and follow them on social media for new locations! Link to their website HERE

Color Factory

Located in San Francisco ONLY, for now. However, for some added fun check out their 17 other art installations throughout SF HERE. Official website linked HERE.

Happy Place

Located in Los Angeles, Happy Place is a new pop-up and it looks AMAZING! Literally a place dedicated to all things HAPPY! Founded by Jared Paul and opened originally on November 20, 2017, they are relocating to L.A. LIVE from April 26 – May 27, 2018. Similar to Color Factory and Museum of Ice Cream, Happy Place has life size installations, multi-sensory immersive rooms, and dozens of Instagram worthy moments.

I haven’t been but rumor has it that you can jump from a rainbow into a pot with over 25,000 smiley face coins inside! Sign me Up! Official website to Happy Place HERE.

 29 Rooms

Refinery29’s imaginative spirit is back with “Turn It Into Art” as their theme this year. They fittingly have 29 multi-sensory rooms filled with style, culture, & technology. I hope they bring it to San Francisco sooner than later. Currently they have two locations, Los Angeles and New York City. Check their official website HERE.


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