Boss Babe Essentials

Boss Babe Essentials

HEY THERE! Hoping your week has been going amazing thus far! I wanted to share my 5 Boss Babe Essentials with you all….here we go!

The Shoes

Every Boss Babe has must wear shoes to those networking events, blogger events, etc. My go-to shoes for anything professional are my loafers! They totally give the sophisticated yet chic look to any wardrobe! I love my white loafers because they go with EVERYTHING! And the added gold link adds a little extra touch!

The Blazer

I think a good blazer is worth investing in! They are truly multi-purpose! I love to rock a blazer with ripped shorts and a crop top for a spring weekend and wear the same blazer Monday to my work meeting. I always gravitated towards black blazers since that seemed to be the norm for work. I recently found this adorable grey-plaid blazer and can say that I’m now a changed woman! If anything, I definitely think it adds a pop to your standard work attire!

The Bag

I’ve been on the hunt for a new work bag for quite some time. When I say work bag, I was looking for something that fit my laptop and still had space for a few other essential items that would usually go in my purse. There are a lot of great industrial backpack/bag companies out there. However, everytime I thought I found one I liked, I kept thinking to myself how un-feminine it looked. Now keep in mind that I am not one for super flashy accessories so I wasn’t looking for bright colors or crazy prints. Just something that didn’t make me feel like an adult boyscout!

I recently discovered Matt and Nat and they have a ton of bag types including this backpack that I am in love with. Best part, it comes in 16 colors! Different strokes for different folks right?

The Pants

Similar to my blazer conundrum, I was always gravitating towards the standard “black pants” when it came to my work attire- no wonder why people hated their jobs up until now, we’ve been taught to dress like we’re attending a funeral…Monday through Friday! Don’t get me wrong, black pants are a great choice, but do we really need to wear black pants accompanied by a black jacket and accessories?

I like to mix it up, especially if I’m going to a networking event or work related event of some sort.

Most Important…The Attitude

The best thing a boss babe can possess is a positive mindset with a boss babe attitude! Someone who’s willing to go above and beyond to reach their goals and know that hard work is only part of the journey to success!


Keep it up to all my boss babes out there! Cannot wait to chat with you all again very soon!

<3 Kayla


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  1. Stephanie Z
    May 13, 2018 / 12:13 pm

    I like the striped pants. They are definitely a good way to mix things up at work!

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