Trendy Spring Must Haves

Trendy Spring Must Haves

Fashion Pieces

Midi Skirt

Nothing says ‘Spring Is Here’ like a simple yet very chic midi skirt! Not quite mini-skirt weather, yet way past sweater dress weather! I love midi-skirts because you can pair them with practically anything…if you’re cold tights or even with knee-high boots pair great and create a killer fashion-forward look! Midi-skirts also pair great with wedges, flip flops, sandals. Need a from work to wine outfit?? Well this is one of my favorite day to night looks for the spring because of the versatility in pairing!


Floral Top

What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you here ‘spring is here’? My mind gets filled with flowers, blooms, and greenery! I typically invest in at least one new floral top every spring to remind me of new beginnings….this year I opted for this yellow bodysuit floral top. I’ve been leaning towards a lot of yellow this last year…and I’m not mad about it at all! I discovered this top from an online boutique that I recently stumbled upon and I cannot lie I’m not mad at all about the prices or quality of their products, did I mention how freaking Fashionable they are!


Aka my spring/summer jacket? Does anyone else do the same? I live in California and we are definitely blessed with warm weather for most of the year but we also experience what I call seasonal confusion. This is when the mornings are in the 40’s and the evenings warm up to the 80’s? Not sure how else to dress for weather that’s 40 degrees in difference, suggestions always accepted! Duster’s are my go to for those warm afternoons with a little wind factor.

They are also great for those days where you want to wear jeans and a white t-shirt but don’t want to feel and look so basic? Well add a duster, earrings, and some sunglasses and BOOM insta-transform to a fashionista!

Accessories and Products

Wide Brim Hat

Spring is fast approaching which means hashtag OnLakeTime is fast approaching. One of my must-haves for any Spring/Summer getaway is my wide brim hat! Nothing says I’m on vacation like sandy beaches and a wide brim hat…a little wine never hurt either.


If you experience seasonal skin changes, like myself, I have to change up some of beauty routines to align with the seasons. The bitter and cold winter dries everything up! My skin, nails, hair, you name it! I recently have took a Skincare IQ course at Sephora and was introduced to a variety of skincare options. One that I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with was this rose toner, hashtag SkinCareGoals!

It contains real rose petals and leaves your face smelling nice after just one use. The best part of this toner is that it really helps keep my skin hydrated all day. In the last month the only change I made to my skincare routine was swapping my witch hazel out for this toner and I can already notice the added hydration in my face!


Boho-Chic Headbands

My favorite accessory for my hair is a classic chic headband. Spring always reminds me of music festivals so I naturally gravitate towards a more boho-look. I especially love to pair a headband when I’m wearing my hair down because it helps break up my photos, etc.




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  1. Stephanie Z
    May 11, 2018 / 10:59 am

    I like that floral top. It has a fun pattern!

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