…In Ruffle Pants I Trust

…In Ruffle Pants I Trust

Anyone else finding themselves obsessed with all things ruffle? I notice this new addiction about two years ago when hints of ruffles were added onto shoulders or sleeves and I was like “OH CUTE!”. Unless you’ve been under a big rock somewhere then I’m sure you have seen the abundance of ruffle sleeved tops that took over social media timelines all 2017! Well friends, I’m happy to announce that ruffles are going NOWHERE! Unless we’re talking about them being on my pants now, because that’s exactly what is happening here!

I have been eyeing this trend for a few months and now that spring is here I think it’s fair to let the lower half of my legs out and strut.


Fashionnova Picks (under $20)

Raquel Ruffle PantsMaricel Ruffle PantsMargarita Ruffle Pants

$22, ASOS TALL Wide Leg Pants With Ruffle Hem Detail


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  1. Stephanie Z
    May 9, 2018 / 12:09 pm

    I like the ruffles. They look so feminine and elegant, especially on sleeves.

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