Perfect Rainy Day Trenches

Perfect Rainy Day Trenches

Looking cute in the rain literally can be such a struggle! Hashtag TheStruggleIsReal! We’ve been hit with nearly 10 days straight of non-stop rain here in the Bay Area, and when it rains it storms! Well this perfect trench has been the key to dressing chic yet still protected by from the rainstorms and of course I love to share sooooo a blog post was very much needed for this occasion.

I purchased my trench at a Coach Outlet Shop in Scottsdale. One thing I’ve noticed is that the coat styles rarely change each year so I would recommend stopping by an outlet first! Chances are they made nearly an identical jacket the year before, so why not take advantage of the 50% off savings!

I’ve also linked some other notable brands! Just a note, I have heard and seen great reviews for London Fog trenches…and the best part is they are extremely affordable and economical! They are definitely on my bucket list of boutiques to get some fashion finds from….Happy Shopping My Loves! <3




Coach Store Trench Coats (definitely recommend hitting up an outlet first if you see any here you like)

Pink ASOS Classic Trench Coat, $87

Revolve, Fevrier Trench , $197

London Fog Trench Coats (many for under $200)




    • March 23, 2018 / 8:11 am

      YES DO IT! I can’t get enough of them! Is a summer trench a thing? haha looking for excuses to get more 🙂

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