Wander the Bay: Los Gatos

Wander The Bay Los Gatos


I always like to start every local trip by checking out their local museum, often times its a great way to learn about the local history and the community. Most cities have at least one city museum, I don’t think I’ve ran into a city that hasn’t yet. Sometimes, like in the case of Los Gatos, its definitely on the smaller scale and may even encompass several things like history and art….

Numu – History

Wander The Bay Los Gatos

We checked out the Numu (like New Museum but shortened) which used to be two smaller museums, one for history and one for art. They recently reconstructed it and incorporated the two together and added a ton of cool local galleries. The downstairs area is pretty much dedicated to Los Gatos High School, go Wildcats! However the museum does provides great information on how the city grew its humble beginnings of a farm town if you’re looking for a quick history lesson. Check out some photos and blue prints of some of the historical structure and landmarks in Los Gatos!

Numu – Art

In addition to their historical section, Numu also has a fun artsy section with a mix of art types. Majority of the pieces, if not all, are modern art. When we first walked in we saw this brightly colored aqua blue wall with some of the “old school” candies and it was almost like “Candy Fashion”. The artist used wrappers and other fun mediums to create a mix of both art and history.

It’s $10 a person! To be honest, it is a bit small and doesn’t offer too much so $10 does seem a bit high. However, it does go to keep the museum running and it really is a great treat for the local community so I don’t have any issues with spending the $10!


Not sure if Los Gatos would be the first city I run to if I’m looking for a ton of eateries but their limited selections do not disappoint! Being a smaller more boutique town, Los Gatos has their fair share of very nice and posh restaurants. Make your way to Dio Deka (recently lost their Michelin rating) at Hotel Los Gatos for some delicious Hellenic Cuisine (that’s fancy speak for mediterranean cuisine). If you’re looking for some delicious steak than explore no further than Forbes Mill Steakhouse. However, if you are looking for something that’s a bit more budget friendly than I would recommend Willow Street. They’re known for their pizza but have fair prices and a great selection of other American style eats.

Things to Do

Downtown Los Gatos

If you’re looking for a mix of modern boutique stores and vintage/antique stores then Downtown Los Gatos is a great option for a day time stroll. Get lost in their mini design district with small and big furniture stores for both indoor and outdoor living. If you’re there early on Sunday make sure to stop by the Farmer’s Market located in the middle of downtown…you won’t miss it!

If you’re a lover of cute cafes like I am definitely make sure to stop by Tea on the Avenue to get one of their many selections of tea…make sure to drink it there so you can get the experience as well! If you’re hungry grab, not to worry, they have a great menu for sandwiches and small bites!

There was also a nice selection of florists and I would definitely recommend taking a peek inside of Natural Creations! They not only have an amazing array of plants, flowers, succulents but have found some cute and creative ways to display their live art. My favorite was the reused wood frame (photo below)….looking to add one to my house very soon!

Testa Rossa Winery

After an afternoon of walking and exploring around you’re gonna wanna sit down and relax…what better way than taking a 5 minute drive towards the mountains for some incredible valley views with some local wine in a California Historic Site! Testa Rossa Winery is a great stop to add to your Los Gatos Day Trip or Weekend Trip. The vibe is extremely casual, the wine and food are delicious, and its even dog friendly…not sure how much better it can get!

As a lover of Los Gatos, I’ll definitely add more to this page as I continue to explore and #wanderthebay



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