Holiday Look Book Day 13 – H&M Polka Dot Dress

Flock-Print Mesh Dress - in white/beige

Hey There! I know I missed a few days, the week has been so crazy and hard to stay ahead of posts…buuuuuutttt to make up for it I’m hitting yall with two posts! This first one is a current fave because its simple yet so easy to dress up! Its in black and white so its easy to jazz it up with bright and colorful accessories or keep it simple and add some black/neutral accessories or jackets and keep the dress the main attraction!

I paired it with baby blue boots and took the strap off of a buckle bag I have and repurposed it into a belt to add some shape to the dress..also I didn’t want to add too much blue so I paired it with a camel brown backpack to break up some of the colors. Linking the dress in two tones below! Enjoy!



HM, $35, Flock-Print Mesh Dress – in white/beige

HM, $35, Flock-Print Mesh Dress – in black


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