Show Your Influence – AB1436

Show Your Influence – AB1436

….and we are now officially well into July! What a year! One of my goals for this year is to share news of what is happening in the world and ways we can get involved within our communities. A few weeks ago I posted my first #ShowYourInfluence post Racial Injustice and Ideas for Long Term Changes…. but one post is no where near enough.

I know how overwhelming it can be to try and solve all of the world’s problems all at once so hoping that these posts can be somewhat helpful as they are more targeted to a particular issue/bill/policy but fighting the same system in the overall picture

AB 1436 – What is it?

AB 1436 halts the looming wave of evictions likely to result from the global pandemic as as well as the economic impacts of the state’s public health response by providing a path to address unpaid rent while keeping tenants housed.

The Solution….

AB 1436 recognizes and protects tenants due to the scale and economic impact of COVID-19 by removing the threat of eviction for renters affected by the crisis while maintaing the ability of landlords to recover unpaid rent.

All of the specifics and details can be found HERE by SURJ.

Contact Law Makers

Email script and Law Makers Contact Information Below;

  1. Hello, my name is [your name]. I am a [renter/homeowner/landlord] here in California and I am calling to encourage [LAW MAKER’S NAME] to support tenants and small or non-profit landlords struggling financially due to the COVID 19 emergency.  Millions of renters have lost income, can’t pay rent and are at risk of eviction. And at the same time, rent going unpaid means that many smaller and non-profit landlords are facing difficulties to pay their mortgages – some could lose their property and go out of business. I want to tell [LAW MAKER’S NAME] that the way to support tenants and small landlords is to:
  1. Support AB 1436, which protects millions of California tenants from eviction as a result of unpaid rent, and
  2. Support the creation of a small landlord relief fund to compensate independent landlords for any loss of revenue due to unpaid rent
  3. Can I count on [LAW MAKER’S NAME] to support AB 1436 and a small landlord relief fund?

Contact lawmakers on Their Contact Pages:

Defund The Police…

Resources and More Information

  1. SURJ’s Defund the Police Resource Guide compiles some of the best of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) work on this issue.
  2. SURJ’s Call to White People: Withdraw Your Consent. Defund the Police.

***disclaimer – I’ve recently joined SURJ Bay Area (mentioned in above blog post) and all material and information from this post came from their team and resources. To register for their weekly Action Hours where you can take immediate steps to support the fight towards racial equality and justice, sign up HERE!

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