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Denver Travel Guide

Hey there wanderlusters! How have you all been staying sane and keeping your travel bug in check? Hoping the vaccine is part of the light at the end of the tunnel to help us get back to a somewhat normal life. Check out my post Traveling in 2021…. and tell me where the first place is on your bucket list once the world opens back up?

I had a feeling that I would be exploring more of America over the next few months to a year given the Covid-19 situation. Since we purchased the Epic Pass this year we thought why not go to Colorado for a week long snowboarding trip! We flew into Denver and opted to stay in Denver for two nights to rent equipment and check out mile high city!

Larimer Square

Day 1 start your first morning in Denver grabbing coffee at the most historic (and cutest) block in Denver…Larimer Square. The buildings along Larimer Square still maintain their original historic architecture. You’ll find a cute mix of shops, restaurants, bars, and other services.

Union Station

Denver is full of history and definitely worth checking out. So after you’ve done some shopping and exploring in Larimer Square walk over to Union Station. The station first opened in 1881 and was used as the main railway in Denver at the time. Today you can still catch a train at Union Station but you can also stay at the hotel that has taken the original building and even eat lunch at one of the many eateries!

LoDo and 6th Street

LoDo or Lower Downtown is the historic downtown neighborhood in Denver and was the area of the original settlement. Just a stroll through the neighborhood and you’ll see historic markers posted along the brick buildings taking you back a century of what the area would have been like.

Continue your way toward the more newer downtown for shopping and more eats! Denver has a great food and brew scene, check it out below!

Denver Food Scene

Oh how delicious Colorado was! I loved how they had so many more poultry options like elk, bison, and lamb! Of course they have plenty of chicken, beef, and pork but who wants that when you can have bison…yummmmm! Denver has also got a great microbrewery scene if you’re into that! We didn’t stop by any but I saw sooo many in Denver and the surrounding areas and have heard only good things when it comes to Denver brew!


Happy Traveling


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