Talk About Life Changing #Mom Life

Talk About Life Changing #Mom Life

I’m sure I’ve mentioned is several times on the blog but what a life changing year 2020 was for everyone. From a global pandemic, recession, plus any other BS life might have thrown your way….2020 was one for the books. We (husband and I) decided in Fall 2020 that we wanted to expand the Block household aka have a baby!! Now if you know me in real life that statement alone would be extremely shocking because for the last 10+years I have been #TeamNoKids and adamant about it too!

I think the slow pace, working from home, reevaluating what’s important in life, and all the experience to that point all led me to, “Holy shit, I really do think that I want to complete my family…”. If you follow me on IG then you may know by now that Baby Brixton is well on his way here with about 15.5 weeks left to go (at the time of this post). It only felt fitting that I update my blog to start discussing this new chapter in our lives and share our journey which was not easy.

We spent the better half of Fall 2020 back and forth to San Francisco visiting Pacific Fertility Center and worked with their amazing doctors and staff to create Baby Brix via IVF, more on that on my next post. After months of testing and waiting we finally did the transfer on Lunar New Year 2021 and expecting the cutie Halloween 2021, clearly he likes to take over holidays. It has been one hell of a journey so far going through IVF, the first trimester woes (were there woes), and now we’re well into the second trimester and TRUST, I have so much to share!

Some topics I’m hoping to share are IVF journey, trimester breakdown, maternity fashion, traveling while pregnant, baby registry, baby shower/sprinkle, nursery, labor, and much more as it all starts to unravel! If there’s anything you may want me to discuss always feel free to drop a comment, DM me on IG, or shoot me an e-mail! Can’t wait to share this experience with you!

<3 Happy Mommying


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