How To Ensure Your Home Always Smells Good

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There’s nothing worse than a pongy home. If your nose can detect any peculiar smells, your rest and relaxation time will be severely compromised. And if you have visitors coming round, you might feel more than a little embarrassed.

Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to ensure your home always smells good. If you can eliminate any bad smells at their source, you will have much less to worry about. 

Freshen up your home by checking the suggestions below.

#1: Deal with any plumbing problems

Your home will smell of damp if you have any water leaks coming into your home, so it’s wise to check your pipes and your roof. Your home will also smell fairly rotten if your drains are blocked so it’s best to deal with this problem if you suspect there are any problems down below.

By staying on top of your plumbing problems, your home will smell fresher for longer. So, call out the professionals, such as Sydney Emergency Plumbing, or fix any simple jobs yourself if you have the know-how.

#2: Regularly clean your garbage disposal

When it comes to your garbage, you will already know it’s best to replace your trash bags regularly. This way, your kitchen area will smell fresh and clean, as there will be no rotting food smells to worry about. 

But what about your garbage disposal unit? That can sometimes smell quite pongy but it’s very easy to eliminate any bad odours that come from it. Simply squeeze a small amount of lemon-scented soap into the disposal area and rinse it through with water. If the smell persists, simply pour half a cup of baking soda into the unit while running your hot water, as that should deal with the problem.

#3: Set up a pet cleaning station

You won’t need a pet cleaning station for your goldfish but if you have a cat or a dog, there is a high chance that they could be the cause of a bad smell in your home. They could cause your carpets to smell if they regularly walk mud and other elements from the outside into your home. And if it has been raining, your home might smell of damp because of their wet fur.

As such, it’s wise to set up a pet cleaning station near your pet’s entry point. All you need is a wet cloth on standby and a towel to clean and dry them, as well as something to protect your floor when they wander in after their outdoor adventures.

#4: Add artificial smells to your home

Your home will rarely smell bad if your home is stocked with flowers, bowls of potpourri, and scented candles. Natural air fresheners, oil diffusers, and incense sticks are also welcome additions. These are just a few of the items that will make your home smell good and they might even mask any problem smells that you have yet to eliminate.

#5 Get a cleaner

If you’re someone who is too busy to spend time cleaning the home or it’s gotten too much, then it’s well worth considering a local maid service. A cleaner who can come in and clean your home occasionally is a great way to stay on top of the mess that can arise in your home, regardless of whether you’re a couple or a growing family.


You don’t need to sit at home with a peg in your nose! And you don’t need to hand out pegs to your visitors either! By following the steps above, there should be fewer bad smells to worry about in your home.

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