Can’t Sleep Because of the Temperature?

Can’t Sleep Because of the Temperature?

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Can’t get a good night’s sleep because it’s too hot/too cold? Many of us experience poor sleep quality in temperatures higher than 67 degrees fahrenheit or lower than 60 degrees fahrenheit. Fortunately, there are many ways to stay cool or stay warm at night. Below are just a few tips for getting a good night’s sleep in extreme temperatures. 

Use the right bedding

Certain types of bedding are designed to insulate against the cold, while others are breathable in order to stay cool. During a heatwave it can often be worth using bed sheets made of cotton or linen – or even bamboo for extra breathability. Sleeping with a sheet over you may be better than a heavy duvet (if you need more weight, there are breathable duvets). Meanwhile, when it’s a cold night, flannel and jersey bed sheets are a worthy investment. Thick duvets and weighted blankets can meanwhile provide extra warmth, although it’s worth still choosing breathable options so you don’t get too warm.

Consider heating/cooling your sheets

In the winter, it could be worth investing in a heated mattress topper to help warm up your bed if it is freezing cold. As for cooling your sheets, you could consider directing a fan at your sheets before you go to bed or even putting your sheets in the freezer for a few minutes!

Choose the right window treatment

Some curtains are designed to trap heat in a room and are ideal for a cold winter night. These are typically thick low hanging curtains. In the summer, you may want to take these down and replace them with lighter curtains that let in any cool breeze while providing privacy. If you prefer to use blinds, it’s worth noting that you can also get certain blinds that are better suited to winter and others that are better suited to summer. 

Invest in electric heating/cooling

Portable heaters and portable fans are a popular way to heat or cool a bedroom. There’s also the option of HVAC, which is useful in homes that experience cold winters and hot summers. Consider installing HVAC in your home if you don’t already have it. Smart HVAC can be controlled from your phone, which could allow you to adjust the temperature from your bed so that it’s always just right!

Invest in other permanent modifications

Permanent modifications for dealing with extreme heat or extreme cold are typically better suited to homes that mainly experience one or the other. For example, if you tend to get very cold winters but don’t get too many very hot nights in summer, it may be worth focusing on keeping your home as warm as possible. Home improvements like adding carpets and installing double glazed windows will keep your home warmer longer. Meanwhile, if you tend to get lots of hot nights but not too many cold nights, consider avoiding carpets and installing windows with a low U-factor. Insect screens will allow you to keep windows open and bugs out.


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