Important Wedding Details You Shouldn’t Overlook

Important Wedding Details You Shouldn’t Overlook

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There’s so much to think about when planning a wedding. Consequently, many things can get overlooked. While some of these may only be minor details, others could be quite important. Below are just some of the most important wedding details that you don’t want to forget. 

The engagement

Getting married is the most magical day in any couple’s love story. However, the excitement begins from the moment you agree to take your relationship to the next level. An epic proposal can be one of the best memories you ever create. Finding the perfect setting to pop the question is vital. Meanwhile, a beautiful yellow gold solitaire engagement ring will take this moment to the next level. Moreover, just looking at the ring will fill you both with excitement during the preparations. On a side note, arranging an epic engagement party can get your wedding plans off to the perfect start.

Hair/makeup trials

Hair and makeup is something that most brides won’t forget. However, if you leave it too late to book a stylist, you may miss out on being able to book a trial. These are an opportunity to test out hairstyles and makeup so that you achieve the perfect look for your day. Without a trial, you may end up with a look you don’t like. By booking a stylist a few months ahead, you can schedule in some trials. 

The rings

The exchange of rings is a traditional part of the wedding ceremony. Contrary to popular belief, you can still get married without rings. However, most couples still want to keep this tradition. Rings can get easily overlooked among all the other wedding elements. Looking into wedding rings early could allow you to explore custom wedding rings (which will need to be ordered and manufactured) and shop around for prices. 

Vendor meals

When choosing how many people to provide meals for, don’t forget your wedding vendors such as your photographer and any waiting staff. It can be pretty awkward getting to the wedding meal only to realise that your vendors have been forgotten.

A rain plan

A rain plan may not matter too much if your whole wedding is going to be inside. However, if you’ve got outdoor activities planned or are planning an entire outdoor wedding or are hoping to arrive in an open-top car, a backup plan for bad weather could be necessary. This could include putting up some marquees, bringing umbrellas or asking if a venue will allow you to use some of its indoor facilities if it rains. 

Venue signs

If the location of the wedding venue is not obvious, you may want to consider putting up some signs to help direct guests. You don’t want half your guests to be late to the ceremony because they couldn’t find the venue. Signs could also be important for things like parking. 

The honeymoon

If you’ve got the honeymoon booked straight after your wedding, make sure that you’ve prepared everything you need for your getaway. Don’t forget that passports are in date or apply for visas. If you need to buy items to pack, you may also want to do this in advance. 

Wedding insurance

Wedding insurance is something that you’ll hopefully never need, but it’s worth having in place just in case. If you or the bride falls ill or there is some other kind of disaster, wedding insurance will enable you to cancel the wedding and get back compensation. This allows you to then book the wedding at a later date without losing all the money you’ve already spent on it. 


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