How to Host a Chic Staycation

How to Host a Chic Staycation


Whether you are celebrating a birthday, planning a wedding or simply embracing the joys of new experiences; a staycation often fits the bill. The pandemic shut the world down for what felt like an eternity, now that the world is opening up again people understandably are keen to travel once more. You can host a special trip without high international travel costs, there are so many gorgeous cities and states to explore that are only a road trip or short flight away. And you do not need to travel to the stereotypical European cities or Mexican beaches to host a chic and memorable event – with our simple step by step guide below you can be sure to host a classic and elegant vacation for your guests right here in the United States. 

  • The Location – Firstly, consider the vibe are you looking for – is it a relaxing warm beach break with picnics or cookouts? A cosy mountain hiking trip with a cabin and a real log fire? A luxurious city break with shopping and nightlife galore? We are so lucky in the US that we have all these options available on our doorstep. Ensure that the location you choose has enough activities that suit your needs and will keep you and your guests happy for the duration of the trip; you don’t want people to be bored and longing for home! 
  • The Venue – Once you have a vibe you need a venue. To impress your guests and offer an exclusive luxurious feel look at renting out an entire space rather than simply rooms in a hotel. Whether it is a gorgeous event venue in Venice Beach or a Cabin in Vermont there are a variety of spaces that suit every type of staycation event. It is important that your venue complements the theme and style you are looking to create, it is worth spending money here and saving elsewhere as guests always remember the venue first and foremost! 
  • The Food and Drink – When hosting an event away from home it is fun to bring the location into your celebration; after all you chose that spot for a reason so highlight the reasons why as part of the gathering. For example, you could have a signature list of cocktails (and mocktails) themed after local history or landmarks, and your menus during the trip could feature local specialities, with bonus points for unusual cuisine that guests may not have experienced back home. Top tip; if you are going down an unusual or niche route stick to this for canapes rather than the main meal, as if your guests do not like what is on offer you don’t want them to go hungry. You could also bring in the travel element to your chic tablescape; feature local flowers and foliage, match candle scents to the desired ambience,, and perhaps even often table favours from local small businesses. 
  • The Welcome Gift – When friends and family are travelling from home it is always thoughtful of the host to welcome them with a small gift that will make their stay more comfortable and/or memorable. For example, people have done matching embroidered bath robes if a hot tub is on offer, personalised tumblers if it’s drinks round the pool, or it could be as simple as some luxury chocolates left on the pillow! 

Whatever route you choose to take the above guide will help you plan a chic staycation that your guests will remember. 


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