4 UK Adventures Perfect For Families

4 UK Adventures Perfect For Families

Are you thinking about taking a tour of the UK with your family? If so, then you might be surprised at just how much there is to see and do. Here are some ideas of the types of adventures that you can explore and enjoy with your family across the British Isles.

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Hiking And Camping

First, you might want to think about going camping with your family in the UK. There are lots of wonderful places for camping and hiking across the British Isles. For instance, you might want to think about heading to Snowdon. This is a massive mountain and a challenging climb, even for those with experience. However, it also provides incredible views. That’s why it’s often listed as one of the top walking holidays in the UK. Or you could take a trip to the Midlands and explore areas such as the Lake District. This is a gorgeous location that was home to famous author Beatrix Potter. 

Theme Parks

Another option would be to head around the different theme parks across the UK. For instance, you could take a trip to Alton Towers. This will be perfect if you have little ones because they have experiences such as Cbeebies Land. Here they can meet some memorable characters from UK children’s TV shows and enjoy gentle rides. 

Or, there’s Thorpe Park. This theme park is close to london. It has some incredible thrill rides including an adventure that is based on the hit TV show ‘The Walking Dead.’ Guests will board a rollercoaster before running for their life as they are chased by zombies until they escape the ride. 

The Capitals 

Alternatively, you may want to focus on exploring the capitals with the kids when you visit the UK. You can start by taking a trip to London. They’ll love seeing all the different famous sites around this city. Or, you might want to think about heading around the shops. There are even activities specifically designed with families in mind. For instance, you can head to the London Dungeons. Dive into the past of the city in an engaging, immersive show that is suitable for children of all ages with scaries experiences for older groups. 


Beaches may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about visiting the UK. However, there are some wonderful beaches to explore that could be perfect for families. These beaches have clean, golden sands and gentle slopes into the water. That means that swimmers of all ages can have a splash. If you are looking for a beach holiday in the UK, then we recommend that you do think about going to a place like Cornwall. This is also considered to be the surfing capital of the UK due to the brilliant swells here.

As you can see, there’s a wonderful variety of different adventures available to families who are thinking about visiting the UK. it’s just a matter of finding the right choice that will suit your family the most. 


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