Creating Clarity: the Best Approaches to Downsizing Your Life

Creating Clarity: the Best Approaches to Downsizing Your Life

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Perhaps you are thinking about your next adventure in life or you are wondering how to make things simpler. Downsizing is something many people think can achieve a greater degree of clarity, and they’re not wrong. Practices such as minimalism can be a wonderful way for you to achieve that sense of clarity and understand what is important in your life. What are the things you need to do to ensure you are downsizing appropriately and for the right reasons?

Sell Up Quickly

From a practical perspective, selling items in yard sales or online is great if you are planning on moving to another country. However, selling quickly involves removing everything from your life and understanding what has not served your purpose. It can be difficult to part with things that have sentimental value. If there are things in your life that you feel you’d like to reminisce about, there may be other options, for example, leaving items with relatives or putting them in storage. However, if you are someone that really wants to downsize every part of your life, getting rid is a very quick way to simplify.

Know Your “Why”

Why do you want to downsize? Is it for a practical purpose or are you thinking that your mental health would benefit from living with less? Many people practice minimalism because they cannot cope with the sheer volume of stuff. If you know why you want to make changes then it will give you a clearer vision of what you want to achieve. You should always ask yourself why when you are downsizing or doing anything that requires acclimatizing.

Declutter Regularly 

When you are trying to live with less, decluttering is one of those simple practices that need to be a part of your existence. Decluttering provides a number of great mental health benefits, and when you get into the habit of decluttering every 6 months or so, it allows you to get into the psychological habit of understanding if something serves a purpose. There are people who are classed as hoarders, who keep every little thing, but there are also those who like to have items in the loft because they may come in handy or have trinkets of sentimental value. When you get into the habit of decluttering, you start to strip away the fat and understand what is bringing you joy and what you are just holding onto for an arbitrary reason.

Set Boundaries

Downsizing your life is about understanding that each item you own serves a purpose. What about when it comes to buying new things? We all need to purchase new things on occasion, whether it’s clothes or other practical items. This is where setting boundaries is critical because it allows you to practice discipline when buying new items. A simple practice many people do when it comes to buying something new is about giving themselves 48 hours to decide if something is worth buying. We are all guilty of impulse buys, so letting something sit in your online basket for a couple of days allows you to understand if it is truly essential to your life.


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