Put a Ring On It: How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Partner

Put a Ring On It: How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Partner

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Assuming you’re getting married, everything must be perfect on the big day – from the venue and dress choices, to your ring being seen and worn long after it symbolizes both you and your marriage! However, one factor which shouldn’t be forgotten on wedding days is how important rings can be; after all they represent your union for years afterward!

Finding the ideal ring can be challenging and can become very overwhelming; you need it to fit with your personal style, be comfortable to wear and within budget. Here are some helpful tips on finding your ideal partner’s ideal piece.

Setting a Budget

Everyone has their own price range; not all are willing to open up an infinite one! Therefore, setting a realistic budget when shopping for rings is essential in avoiding financial stress on both parties involved. Be realistic in understanding what you can afford and is realistic for you as an achievable goal.

The cost of wedding rings will vary based on factors like metal, gemstones and designer. A general guideline suggests spending roughly five percent of your total wedding budget for rings; for example, for an $20,000 event this would amount to around $1,000 in budget allocation for wedding rings. Of course, depending on individual priorities this may change but serves as a good baseline estimate.

Remember that upgrading your ring in the future won’t break your budget. If you decide to renew your vows, you’ll have another chance to make a statement with your ring. So make sure whatever you do get, you can afford

Choose Your Designer

With so many designer engagement rings and wedding rings out there to choose from, choosing a reputable designer is essential in ensuring the quality and durability of the ring you select. Look for designers with positive reviews as this indicates quality workmanship; additionally make sure gemstones are certified. Don’t be shy to ask around shops to find what design might best meet your needs and budget.

Comfort and Convenience 

Because you will wear your wedding ring every day, comfort and convenience should be top priorities when selecting one. Make sure it won’t interfere with daily activities–that beautiful gemstone may look gorgeous in the store but could prove annoying when doing dishes or trying to open Pringle cans! 

Furthermore, ensure the ring can easily be cleaned and maintained, and also consider its metal type (some require more upkeep than others) or finish when selecting your style of ring. (Wikipedia has more on styles of wedding rings).

Styles of Wedding Rings

Here are a few popular styles.

  • Plain Bands: Ideal for minimalists or those prioritizing practicality, plain bands without diamonds or gemstones offer an affordable solution without compromising style or beauty. Furthermore, plain bands may make the ideal wedding ring if your engagement ring features intricate details.
  • Eternity Ring: Eternity rings feature diamonds or gemstones encircling their bands to symbolize eternal love and commitment. They’re easy to stack with other rings for an eye-catching look but may cost more than traditional wedding bands.
  • Classic Diamond Ring: Classic diamond rings feature either one diamond or multiple clusters of them in various arrangements – providing an enduring classic style option that never goes out of fashion.
  • Sapphire Rings: Sapphire rings feature vibrant sapphire stones in various colours to add an eye-catching element to any ring, and are much more affordable than diamonds – making them highly appealing options.

Make Sure the Ring Can Stack

A wedding ring does not exist in a vacuum; rather, it should complement other jewelry you may wear simultaneously. Many people like to stack rings, and you may want to stack your wedding and engagement rings together. So ensure you purchase a stackable wedding ring; otherwise it might limit how well other accessories fit with it. 

In Conclusion

Finding your wedding ring should not be stressful! First set a budget and explore different designers and styles until you find one that encapsulates both your love story and fits your individual lifestyle requirements.

Your wedding ring symbolizes your commitment to one another; but keep this in mind: you can always upgrade or refurbish it later if it no longer satisfies. If budget or fit issues become an issue, remember that jewellery pieces such as wedding rings can easily be replaced or updated when necessary.

Once you use these tips to find your dream engagement ring, shopping should become much more pleasurable and successful! Congratulations on your engagement and enjoy shopping!


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