Best Influencer Marketing Platforms 2023

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There was once where I used to look forward to this yearly blog post and my followers on Blogging And Things know what I’m talking about! I wasn’t able to do this last year because after having my son I had to take a pause from collabs.

I had a slow start in 2023 but a little after summer I started getting back into the groove of creating content and being more consistent on all platforms and thought let me finally share the best influencer marketing platforms 2023. If you have a smart phone you can start earning passive income ASAP. I’m always sharing how to start monetizing like Five Easy Ways to Monetize Your Blog + 3 Easy Ways to Monetize Your Website.


This platfrom is for all my girlies who are in their kitchen bag and looking to make it bigger! They also have a healthy amount of UGC opportunities.

The website is currently in Beta form and I haven’t had the best of luck with it. However, before the website was up I worked directly with someone who sent me collaborations and I had some successful opportunities with them. I hope the website gets going in 2024 since I was excited to really do more collabs with them.


A new platform for me as of the end of this year. I’ve only had one collaboration with them so far but I’m hoping to get more opportunities in 2024 with them. One thing that stood out to me about this platform was the diversity of niches it covers. I was able to apply to collaborations with wealth management companies and companies working on emerging technology, which can be difficult to find on traditional platforms especially if you’re not a tech blogger.


I have no idea how I feel about this platform but one thing is for sure. All their collabs are paid, well paid at that but the topics I get selected for not necessarily in my niche. For example, I’ve gotten collabs discussing water conservation and promoting other San Jose + surrounding area events. I’m not complaining because I appreciate any opportunity to be challenged while being able to present my best work. I hope to expand my opportunities in 2024 with them as well.


I really enjoy the collaborations I’ve gotten on Skeepers! The downside is that they are all non-paid which in my opinion can be meehhh. However, the brands they do have on their website are great and are major brands! I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with TPH, Blue Mint, Patchology, and so much more. If you’re just getting started this is a great starter platform.

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