The Future of Digital Marketing

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Hey Guys! I hope you have been enjoying my posts as of late on various finance topics. If you haven’t, great places to start 3 Easy Ways to Monetize Your Website or Who Says You Can’t Make Money Off of Instagram?

I’m always trying to add a new income stream because WHY NOT? Anyways, if you’ve been on social media lately then you probably have seen a TON of new pages talking about Faceless Digital Marketing. 

I told myself last year that I was going to invest in some new marketing courses and strategies to freshen up my existing social channels as well as start and grow a new one from scratch. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback on my finance posts so I thought it made sense that my new niche would be that. In comes digital marketing (and affiliate marketing, but I’ll get into that later). 

This type of marketing is NOT for everyone. Matter of fact, if you have been in the traditional influencer world then this probably is very cringy to you, as it was for me. BUT, I think its always important to learn new skills and if there’s a fun new trendy way to earn income online, why not share with everyone!

I recently created a Stan Store site to start sharing some of my digital products I created myself as well as already created courses and products that have master resell rights (MRR). MRR products are great because you purchase the product once and have the rights to resell the digital product. Meaning if you sell a course or a product once then you make your initial investment back and profit immediately after. 

The Digital Wealth Academy Course is a great place to start if you’re ready to make the dive because it includes EVERYTHING you need to get started including 8 digital products you can start reselling right away individually AND in a bundle. Talk about multiple dipping! However if you’re still skeptical, FAIR, you can check out the FREE GUIDEthat gives you 30 digital product ideas that you can sell. 

Remember a digital product can be ANYTHING! The MRR route is just what I consider the “lazy” route because everything is already created for you. However, if you are an expert in a particular field then you can create a guide on that. Example, are you a doula? Taken doula courses? Create a digital product on the ‘How To Become a Doula’ and you can sell it. Did you graduate with a degree in child development and want to share gentle parenting tips as it relates to developmental stages of a child? Create a digital product talking about just that. There is NO LIMIT to the type of product you can create. 

We ALL have skills that can be monetized, some of us just need to know what that is! 

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