8 things to consider when planning your wedding

8 things to consider when planning your wedding

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So you’ve just got engaged and are starting to think about your wedding? To start with, congratulations! Getting engaged is a very special moment and you’ll have so much fun getting your special day ready. In fact, you’ll never forget the planning stages – from picking the venue, trying the food, designing your invites, picking your wedding music, choosing a caterer for a wedding and everything else that comes with planning your wedding. 

When planning your wedding, there will have to be a lot of compromises to be made between you and your partner. You will have your dream wedding and your partner will have theirs and for this reason, the sooner you start planning and making decisions, the easier it can be to make compromises between you. 

From budgeting and music picking to choosing your wedding dress and picking your flowers, below is our guide on 8 things to consider when planning your special day. 

Consider your budget 

To start with, when planning your dream day, budgeting is key! Weddings are expensive and are often more than you would expect them to be. Try to put a spreadsheet together and estimate as many costs as you can possible. Google wedding costs and if you can speak to friends and family members to see what they spent – by asking friends and family members, you are likely to get a fair reflection to start your budgeting with. They may also be able to list out things you may not have considered, for example, wedding insurance, marriage certificates and bridal. These costs are common things that add up but aren’t included in the budget. 

Choosing your flowers 

Flowers are often one of the bigger costs that you have to factor in when planning your wedding. A lot of people will choose to use flowers as centrepieces as well as decorate the venue with them. Of course, you will have your own bouquet of flowers and so will your bridesmaids. The groom will also have a flower attached to his suit which will match the bride and the best men will too. When choosing flowers, it is recommended that you get multiple quotes as the costs can vary a lot depending on the supplier. You may want to go down the route of getting a florist to provide some of the flowers for you and supplying some yourself – you can do your own centrepieces as this can save money. Alternatively, some wed’s to be will opt to use their bridesmaid’s flowers as centrepieces after the ceremony. 

Deciding on your entertainment 

A key component to a successful and enjoyable wedding is the entertainment. The entertainment options can be vast, from hiring a band to renting a casino table and a photo booth. Cocktail making can be a popular choice, as you can select cocktail recipes before the day and provide the spirits, saving you some money. Other entertainment ideas that go down well are mini golf courses, a DJ to get the guests dancing or a live painter on hand. Comedians are also great as they can be on hand throughout the day to make your guests laugh. 

Choosing the music 

Depending on your venue of choice, there is a good chance they will request you to send them your music playlists before the wedding. Music is an important part of a wedding with different playlists needed through your special day – you’ll need a song to walk down the aisle to, a song as you leave after your wedding, a playlist to play during dinner, a playlist for the evening and potentially a playlist that you have whilst the guests wait for you to arrive. The easiest way to set up a playlist is to use a music platform like Apple Music or Spotify as you can save all your favourite songs and give them to the person in charge on your arrival on the day. 

Presents or a donation towards your honeymoon? 

Guests will want to give you gifts to congratulate you on your wedding. Some couples before they get married like to put together a gift sheet of things they need, this way they get things that they want and reduce the chance of getting duplicates – often the list includes house items like glasses, plates, ornaments etc. If you don’t need anything for your house or want to avoid receiving physical gifts, a modern option is to ask people to contribute to your honeymoon. You can set up a pot and ask guests to donate what they feel comfortable with, helping reduce the costs of your honeymoon. There are websites out there that you can set up to receive contributions or you can create a Paypal account or a separate bank account. 

Choosing the venue to get married at 

Once the special question has been asked and they have said yes, the next thing that will be high on the list is to pick a venue for your special day. Venue picking is one of the highlights when planning. Make sure you do plenty of research and ring up the venues you are interested in to book a viewing, this way they can show what it will be like on the day. Depending on the time of year it is, some venues may hold monthly wedding fayres, where they get all their favoured suppliers in (such as their preferred photographer, and caterer) as well, helping you organise other areas of your wedding if you go with them. 

Reserve your photographer 

Talking about preferred photographers, this is a job that is best done sooner rather than later. Photographers can get booked up well in advance – especially if they have a good reputation. When looking for a photographer there are a few things to consider. Have they worked at your venue before? What type of style is their photography? Have they got a strong portfolio that you can see? Do you know any photographer that comes highly recommended? Most importantly before hiring a photographer and paying the deposit, make sure you have read the reviews of them from previous customers. 

Organising hotel rooms for guests 

It can be very useful to block out a selection of rooms at your venue (if they have rooms) for your main wedding party. By reserving them when booking your hotel, you can ensure they can all stay on your big day. For guests that aren’t in your wedding party, you can try and negotiate a discount which they can use if they book a stay at your hotel. If the place you are getting married doesn’t have any accommodation options, then reaching out to local hotels may be an option – especially if you have a lot of guests! The more guests you can potentially offer them, the bigger the discount. 

Planning your big day is one of the most exciting things you will do in your life. We aren’t going to lie to you, with all the fun it brings, there will be stressful moments. For this reason, give yourself plenty of time to organise, this way any hiccups that come along the way can easily be ironed out. 

Have you recently got married and do you have any advice for someone who is getting married? Which of the above tips did you find most useful? Is there anything you think we should add to our guide on things to consider when planning your wedding? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you. 


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