How Can I Tell If My Partner Is “The One?”

How Can I Tell If My Partner Is “The One?”

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Committing to a relationship that becomes a strong partnership (and perhaps even a marriage) is a very interesting decision to make. This is because like purchasing your first home, it’s a commitment that will likely take several years to enjoy the full value of, you never know what will happen in the future, and it will require all of yourself to balance. However, when you purchase a house, you rarely have such deep emotions of love and commitment present, which is impossible to quantify on an investment sheet but affects your decision almost like nothing else. After all, marrying someone without a penny to their name but whom you love with your whole heart is still considered an understandable decision.

As such, such seeming irrationality can make it very hard to tell if someone is “the one” or not. Usually, if you’re asking too much without knowing it, there’s a chance that you’re a little hesitant. That being said, everyone needs a little foundation to stand on from time to time, so let’s discuss three signs that your partner really could be the one you spend the rest of your life with:

Mutual Respect

It’s very easy to point to a million different markers about relationships and when or how they do or don’t work, but the most basic is this – do you respect your partner as a person? Are they on a path you respect and appreciate? If so, then that’s great. Respect is as simple as never badmouthing them even to close friends or relatives, or not having an issue you don’t voice, or supporting them through thick and thin while being honest the whole way. If that’s standard to you, it’s a great sign.

Feeling Comfortable Being Yourself

You should feel comfortable around your partner if they’re the one, no matter if you’re wearing big jogging bottom trousers while relaxing during a comfortable off-day, or wearing strapless bras in an intimate setting, feeling comfortable being yourself no matter how you are that day is important. That’s not to say we can’t hold ourselves to decent standards for our partner of course, but that shouldn’t quantify if you feel loveable or not.

Compatibility In Handling Conflict

It’s easy to feel compatible with someone when you agree on everything, but what about when you need to handle a real disagreement about something that matters? How are you then? Can you hold to that same sense of comfort and respect? Can you compromise, and can they? How do you even begin those discussions? Do you tread on eggshells? Or, are you unafraid to show passion but not to the point where it becomes toxic? Little indicators like this show how you might disagree in the future, and if you complement one another, well that means even at your worst you’ll be relatively good.

While this is hardly an exhaustive list of if two people should get married or partner forever, we hope it can provide some basic advice as to if that person is the one.


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