Top Tips For Bringing Home a Rescue Dog

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When you’re looking to bring home a pet, one of your options includes adopting a dog. There are many dogs available through rescue centers that are in need of loving homes. Some of these dogs could have complicated backgrounds so it’s important that you take the time to settle your dog into his new home.

Take advice from your dog’s rescue center- they’ll know exactly what your dog needs to feel secure. Here are some tips that can help you get prepared for bringing your new friend home.

Purchase The Essentials

Before your dog arrives, you’ll need to pick up the essentials to make him feel comfortable. These include things like a dog bed, food, toys, and blankets. Your dog will probably come with a lead and harness but you may want to replace these once he’s home with you.

You’ll also need a water and food bowl and grooming essentials. Although it’s often better to have dogs professionally groomed, you’ll be able to give your dog a bath at home if he needs one.

Set Up a Den Area

This doesn’t have to be forever but some rescue dogs may need a quiet area where they can escape when they need to. While your dog builds up confidence and starts to realize he has a loving forever home, he may need time to adjust. If your dog is small, you can think about a small, soft den where he can sleep.

If your dog is medium to large sized, a crate is an ideal option for use as a den. Cover the crate with a blanket so your dog feels safe. This can also help so you have a safe place to put your dog when you need to.

Slow Socialization

No matter what age your dog is, you may need to work on socialization. This is essential for young dogs but older dogs that have been mistreated by humans or attacked by another dog will also need a big confidence boost. Follow for inspiration on building confidence and socialization.

Start by introducing your new dog to family and friends in small doses and controlled settings. When you start going on walks with your dog, keep your dog on a lead and try to meet up with friends who have calm dogs.

Dog Proof Your Home

You need to think of it as preparing your home for a toddler. Your dog may want to explore his new surroundings and that could mean getting into areas he shouldn’t. Make sure all chemicals are put in a high cupboard where they can’t be reached. 

Your yard should be safe for your dog to explore and your dog shouldn’t be able to get out. If you don’t want your dog going upstairs, you may need to use a baby gate. Put any belongings you don’t want your dog getting hold of out of sight- they can be partial to chewing shoes.

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