5+ Spring Outfits You Already Own

5+ Spring Outfits You Already Own

Hey All! Can you guys believe that it is already March!?! Hopefully its warming up in the parts of the world that you all are. It’s finally getting warmer here in Northern California (finally!). All of this warm weather has me putting together all kinds of vibrant and colorful outfits to match the upcoming season. It can be difficult to put something together in the spring because usually its bone-chill freezing in the morning and hot as shit by the time 1 pm rolls around. I put together some looks using some ‘common pieces’ that many of you already have!


Spring screams FLOWERS! So do you have any floral prints? NOW is the time to get those floral prints out of the closet and onto your body! What a better time than spring to scream #FloralVibes, I mean the flowers are literally growing outside as I type. Also, since its not bone-chilling cold anymore I decided to swap out my suede boots this time for my open-toe chunky heels.


Spring is also a great time to pull out all of the colors. Some of my favorite spring colors are baby blue and coral (up next). They both go great together and they also go great with neutral colors, black, and white, so you don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe to pair with your colorful skirt. I over emphasize skirts and shorts in the spring (more than summer) because they have been in hiding for months!


Continuing to follow my own advice about floral prints, this romper is another favorite for me for spring. The extra long cape helps keep my legs warm (since its not summer yet, I get a little cold) but the bright colors and prints are great for spring afternoons. I love this romper because it’s so lightweight. Another plus, the length makes this romper look so elegant. I’ve linked a few from FashionNova for your pleasure.

Romper: Black RomperPlum RomperFloral Print (Rose) Romper


Hashtag; Lazy Day Vibes. The nice thing about warmer weather means that on your lounge days you don’t need to bundle up in 7 layers, 3 pairs of socks, boots, and a beanie. Warmer weather means that lounge days can now consist of yoga pants, khakis, and cargo pants. I love this look when I know I am going to have a hectic schedule (especially like traveling) because it screams- I might be going somewhere tropical, warm, etc but I could also just be going to brunch with the girls 😀


COLORS COLORS COLORS! Now that mother nature is providing us with greenery and beautiful backdrops for our #ootd photos take advantage and COLOR back! The great thing about these colorful skirts is that it does most of the work for you. For example, I just paired my skirt with a basic white top, white sandals, and a super old (like 10 years old) jean jacket. Everything is pretty much basic, except for the colorful skirt with its details, which made my


Every Wednesday I wake up exhausted and creative-LESS. On those days I have three rules, black, white, neud! Meaning I pick two or all three of those colors and pair it with denim and call it a day. Its my go-to rule every time I have fashionista-block. To add some “umph” to my outfit I try to pair it with a top that has something going on. For example, in this look, I chose a white extra long twisted top to add a little extra sass to my look. For some fun basic tops, I recommend checking out ASOS, Tobi (this top), HelloMollyFashion. I’ve linked all three websites below (tops).

TOBI Tops Hello Molly Fashion Tops ASOS Tops



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