How To Wear Black in the Summer

Lets be honest, phrases like “nude is the new black” only exist because nothing beats black like the color black. Rightfully so since it goes with anything and everything (like what else seriously does that?) and because it gives us that skinny minny look after stuffing our face with brunch (Sunday after Sunday). But then we now find ourselves in the mist of summer and are looking at our closet staples….to find nothing but black pieces and society telling us that dark florals or black clothing in general are off limits for summer. BLLLAAAAHHHH rules are created to be broken anyway so I wanted to do a blog post on how to keep wearing those black blouses, shorts, dresses and rompers all summer long! And most importantly how to choose “cool” to help you fight the summer heat!


Rompers are definitely on my top outfit choices for the summer. Whether we’re talking colorful, nude, floral, long sleeve, short sleeve, add a cape, whatever! Most rompers are very light weight and airy, hence why they’re perfect for summer. If most of your wardrobe is filled with black pieces and you’re unsure how to wear black, look no further than the romper, it will keep you looking fashionable all summer long! I’ve linked some super cute black rompers, long and short sleeved below!





Black Rompers here, here, here, here, here, here,  and here

Dresses and Skirts

Don’t be scared to wear your dark florals in the summer. That cute black floral dress you’ve been wanting to wear but wasn’t sure if it was suited for the summer? ROCK IT! Wearing dark colors can definitely add some heat for you so be smart and go with light weight material clothing so  you’re not carrying any fabric weight, slip dresses are now your new best friend!

If you’re looking for more of a sexy look, maybe an #ootn type of look, maybe opt for a black skirt. I love embroidery, patterns, and anything embellished! I love this black skirt from Nordstrom’s I got for this summer. It’s designed with cute jewels that definitely catch your eye and can keep you airy and cool all summer. I paired it with a crop top because it can get in the triple digits but it looks just as good with a bodysuit (if you’re going for a more conservative look).

Fashion Tip: Find clothing that has bright colors or prints to add that “summer flare” you’re looking for! Don’t forget, almost all of these pieces can be reused this fall/winter!




Black Floral Dresses here, here, a bunch here, and here

Embellished Skirt from Nordstrom here


I love love love long shirts that almost give you the look of a dress (not quite a shirt-dress though). I have a bunch of shirts in this style for work and meetings for when I have to be a big girl, and love to pair them on weekends with denim shorts (or pants)! They’re so comfortable and usually only 1/2 to 3/4 sleeve to help you keep cool. I definitely recommend getting a long one with slits on the side so the wind will catch it and send nice cool breezes up your shirt.

Fashion Tip: Don’t want to over exhaust the black attire? I always opt to wear light colored accessories to help break it up (I love black and gold together!)



Happy Shopping <3 – Kayla


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