Perfect Summer Floral Dress

Perfect Summer Floral Dress

Summer officially came last week, and I’m always trying to add more staples for my closet and wardrobe. I have a love/hate relationship with florals in general, sometimes I feel like it makes me look sooo grandma, while other florals totally go with my personal style and swag. For me it’s like jeans, it has to have the perfect feel, fit, and colors. I recently purchased this loose-fitting dress from fashionnova (I can’t get enough of them).

Now that summer is here in full-speed I wanted to share this perfect floral dress with you all. Three reasons why this is the perfect dress; 1) loose fitting, yet ruffles and cut are made for the feminine figure 2) the neutral colors are perfect for the summer, and the navy blue hint is perfect if you want to accessorize with darker colors. 3) It has ruffle spaghetti straps, adorbs!

I love to wear this dress on my casual Sundays or when I need to “slip something on” to walk my dog, run an errand, etc. I also wore this dress (because its so adorbs) to my bridal shower this last weekend, and I got a bunch of compliments on it. So I guess the fourth reason why its perfect would be its versatility!

I recently purchased the shoes at Off Broadway Shoes for $10, they always have great deals, and right now everything is BOGO 50% off! I’ve linked the sandal page with filter “block heel” in the link at the bottom of the page 😉

Super excited for all of the fashion finds that I can already see taking place this summer and keep sharing them with you all.







Floral Fashionnova Dress, $21,  “Piece of Apple Pie”

Summer Sandals, Off Broadway Shoes



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