From Work To…

From Work To…

Hey All! I wanted to do another mini series of blog posts but this time highlighting work fashion. Most of us, bloggers and non-bloggers alike have a day job, whether we love it or not its inevitably a big part of our day to day and lifestyle. To avoid the mundane 9-5 life, I keep myself busy and occupied most evenings. I’m all about having dinner plans, networking events, blogging events, date night, or casual coffee with friends after work. This means my ‘work fashion’ needs to reflect my post work activities on most days. So in this post I’m highlighting TWO of the FOUR most common “From Work To…” scenarios in my typical work-week. I hope you all enjoy <3

From Work To Network

If you’ve been following my Instagram then you may know that jumpsuits are my THING especially for work. It screams class and sophistication, two very important factors when you’re working your way to being a #GirlBoss. This striped jumpsuit is perfect for those days when I have a networking event or a professional development mixer. I paired it with my favorite metal, GOLD of course. However this combo looks great with red accessories or even blue accessories, depending on what and how you want to pop!

FullSizeRender (8)

From Work To Casual Coffee


So often after a long day of work, I’ll text my fiance or one of my friends for a quick Boba Tea in the summer or warm cozy coffee date in the fall. For moments like these, I opt for more comfortable and casual looks. For example, I may swap my typical chunky heels for a wedge heel instead.


Windsor Jumpsuit, $40, White Striped Vision Jumpsuit

Max Studio Pants (similar), $35, Cotton Frayed Wide-Leg Pants

Max Studio Blouse, $46 (with additional discount), Lace-Trim Pleated Top

Keep an eye out for my next blog post highlighting some more fun “From Work To…” looks including the perfect Friday night outfit that you can wear straight to a lounge or club


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