From Work To…

From Work To…

Happy Friyay Everyone and Hello Mr. (or Mrs./Miss/Ms.) Weekend! This is my second blog post on some fun 9-5 fashion pieces that you can wear after work. For this blog post, I wanted to share the perfect pieces for a nice post-work dinner or the perfect Friday night outfit that you can wear from work to the lounge!


At least 2-3 times a week I like to go out for dinner with my fiance and/or friends. For days that turn into nights like this, I opt for a sheer maxi dress like this yellow one I found at the Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet originally from BCBG. The dress is very elegant and will definitely be an eye catcher in the office with its bright color. I chose to pair it with a camel brown to be more subtle and let the yellow take over, but I think this color looks awesome with some blue hues. Baby blue or navy blue both pair great with this yellow. Black and white definitely pair well with anything, but I always try to leave those as my last-choice options since that is a common pair with almost anything.


Ladies! I know I am not the only one who sits in my office on Fridays counting down the clock until 4PM, 5PM, or whatever time it is that you get off work, ready to turn up for a hashtag GNO! I have a few body-con dresses that go down to the knees and are perfect for those casual Fridays where your true agenda starts after 5PM. The one pictured below is actually a two-piece set (betcha can’t tell) and I’ve worn it to work as well as out with the girls in Scottsdale for my bachelorette! I threw a blazer on while at work to add some layers and sophistication. Swap the blazer with a light jean jacket or even a leather jacket for those colder evenings.


BCBGeneration Yellow Dress, $55, Ruffled Halterneck Dress

BEBE Colorblock Skirt, $79, Cynthia Colorblock Skirt

BEBE Colorblock Top, $62, Cynthia Colorblock Top



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