Playing with Geometry

Playing with Geometry

Hey There! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA from the blog these last couple of weeks. I’ve been making some big life transitions with an upcoming wedding, new job, birthday, and family coming from overseas. My fiance has been extremely supportive in this transition and saw that I needed a getaway or “checkout from life” as I call it, and surprised me with a birthday trip to Santa Catalina Island.

I’m working on putting together a weekend getaway guide for Catalina for you all, so keep an eye out for that! I did want to share some of my outfit picks while on vacation, starting off with this geometric jumpsuit.

First Things First: It’s only $22, just click the link below, don’t even read the rest of the blog lol!

View of Avalon Beach/Harbor in the background
We stayed in the cutest hotel, Hotel St. Lauren which was painted PINK!
Matching the Chihuly Glass Art at the Catalina Museum
The dark colors pop out great on this jumpsuit especially when paired with neutral accessories
More beautiful Chihuly Glass behind me. His artwork was breathtaking!


It was perfect for being on the island because there was a coastal breeze in the mornings and late afternoon so it kept me cool in the afternoons and warm at other times. I paired it with neutral colors (since it’s still summer) to make the darker blue standout more, but would equally pair it with darker colors to see the neutrals pop out. Mix it up!

This jumpsuit also stands out in blue and white backgrounds and the photos looked great against the ocean backdrop. Luckily, for me, our hotel was painted pink! As a good blogger would, I took major advantage of the scenery and was glad that I took this jumpsuit along for the ride.


Yoins, $22, Sexy Off Shoulder Geometry Floral Print Jumpsuit



  1. kendrayasimply
    September 18, 2017 / 2:53 pm

    Kayla, this jumpsuit looks so great on you! Pairing it with neutral colors definitely brought out the darker hues! This is such a playful outfit! You accessorized perfectly!

    Thank you for sharing a glimpse of the island! It’s so beautiful there! From the breathtaking view to the glass art, it shows the diversity of what the island offers! I hope you enjoyed your birthday trip there! ❤️

    • bloggingandthings
      September 19, 2017 / 3:21 pm

      thank you so much Kendraya, you’re always so kind! I definitely can’t wait to share more photos of the island! It had some great views!! <3

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