All About Peplum

All About Peplum

Hey There! I feel like its been a while since I’ve done a blog post, but Im excited to get back into it. I had a crazy September with wedding planning, birthdays, and starting a new job with a crazy new commute schedule so I put bloggingandthings on the back burner, my apologies!

Now that its officially fall, YEY!! My favorite season and October is so fun because its all about transitioning from those summer pieces and wearing it again in the fall. The next few blog posts for this month will be dedicated to transitioning your spring/summer wardrobe! I’m going to show you just how thrifty and economic you can be by reusing a lot of your pieces all year, starting with this peplum top.

I purchased this top a month or so back at Off Saks Fifth Avenue (I love you for existing) because it was marked down to a lovely $24.99 (originally $140), which I considered a STEAL! Well this top is great because I literally wore it all weekend and just swapped out the bottoms.

It pairs great with skirts, shorts, dresses (wear it over the dress, obv) for a casual vibe like I did all weekend long or you can pair it with pants for work or jeans for GNO (next blog post).

Pair It With a Skirt: If you choose to pair it with a skirt my tip is to opt for a straight-style skirt.

*I would recommend not pairing it with a skater skirt or flare skirt cut. If you want to pair it with a skater or flare type bottom I would recommend pairing it over a dress with that cut instead. 

Wear It Over a Dress: If you want more of a flared out skirt look with the peplum top I would say choose a dress. The top already has its own little flare out around the waist area (peplum style) so depending where your flare starts it may or may not look right but can easily hide it with a dress.

I chose a white skater dress that I wear a lot in the summer and paired it with the peplum top for a fun casual Saturday look.
Pair it with Shorts- You can’t ever go wrong with denim, it practically looks good with everything including more denim! We see you denim! I think with this color top, beige and black are good balance colors for accessories, shoes, etc especially during this transition into fall fashion.

I’ve paired a few peplum style tops for you guys below! Happy Shopping <3

Off Saks Fifth Avenue, $50, Sleeveless Peplum Top

Macy’s, $47, Silk Peplum Top


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