Baby Blue Booties

Baby Blue Booties

Hey There! I know one of the things I tend to do each season is get caught up in the seasonal trend of colors. For example, in the spring I love to wear light pinks, blues, and yellows. While in the summer I’ll pull out all of the bright POP colors that catch your eye. Then we move to fall where we wear our favs like camel brown, burgundy, and other darker hues of our favorite colors.

I wanted to change it up a bit for this post and share these baby blue booties from Zara’s that I love. They’re great if you’re looking for a fun stylish bootie that has a lot of SASS and comfort. The heels is so minuscule you don’t even feel like you’re wearing heels and the point is so sharp and edgy that you practically feel like a rockstar.

I paired these with a simple t-shirt also from Zara’s and a black leather skirt to add to that edginess!





Charlotte Russe, Black Skirt (several linked), herehere, and here

Zara, $90, Mid-Heel Leather Bootie and new metallic version ($100) here!

Zara, $23, T-Shirt with Floral Vinyl Patch similar ones also here and here


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