The Grey Nomad

The Grey Nomad

Hey There! Not sure about you guys but once Easter has passed, I basically am mentally, physically, and emotionally in spring. All the weird cold weather and rain are now a thing of the winter! A few weeks ago, I was in S. Lake Tahoe and checked out one of my favorite stores there, Earthbound Trading Co. , serving you all things in nomadic fashion!

If you’re into aromatherapy then I also recommend you check them out, they have a pretty extensive line. I’ve tried several of their products, primarily their bath salts and bath bombs! I mean a girl needs a nice soak when she’s in the Tahoe Mountains, right? Looking for a great gift? They have some that even look like chocolates!

While browsing around, I saw a light colored bag hanging from the corner of my eye that I believe said something along the lines of, “….catch me at coachella…” Then I had a flash forward of little ol’ me at Coachella Day 2 rocking some nomadic-esque look and this perfect bag hanging from my shoulder…I mean the entire thing was quite dreamy! Needless to say, I found myself at the checkout with 3 items in hand, including this adorable Grey Straw Bag!

It’s literally the most perfect bag when you’re on a ‘grab and go’. This small size bag doesn’t look like it fits much but because it’s made of straw there aren’t any real constraints to how big the bag can open. I was out and about at a blogger event that had a few vendor booths and ended up throwing a ton of samples, pamphlets, and goods. The bag definitely looked like an overstuffed trick-or-treat bag but it definitely held it together.

I definitely would’t recommend using this as that kind of bag every time, but just know that it has such capabilities! One thing to be cautious about is that there is no way to close the bag. What I mean is there are no buttons, zippers, clasps, etc. to close it for safety purposes. I wouldn’t recommend this bag if you have a lot of valuables that you are carrying around.

I paired it with one of my favorite high-waist white skirt (found a couple of years ago at HM) and the cutest pineapple crop top I found from Fashionnova! I love to pair grey and yellow together, I think the colors contrast each other so great and the white definitely helps to balance the entire palette together!

Recommended Style Tip: I would like to point out that with a bag with this look, style is more important than color. What I’m saying is that this bag was designed for a “nomadic”, “hippie”, or “bo-ho”-type look which is a fun mix of colors and prints. Use this bag as a fun way to express yourself and this style! Mix it with a multi-color elephant head-wrap inspired by the culture of Thailand.


Earthbound Trading Co., $35, Grey Straw Shoulder Bag

Fashionnova, $20 Pineapple Princess Off Shoulder Top – Mustard

Zara, $36, Long Lace Skirt

Tobi, $21, Ivory Midi Skirt



  1. Stephanie Z
    May 4, 2018 / 3:51 pm

    I have never heard of Earthbound Trading Co. and their aromatherapy line. I will have to check it out!

    • May 6, 2018 / 3:46 pm

      They are the Cutest store! I only know of the one in Tahoe and make an effort to go each time I’m there. However, they do have an online site and it has EVERYTHING!

  2. Owatamia Ozuye
    May 20, 2018 / 2:30 pm

    It that a Mimoso the Orange drink?

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