Blogging Analytics Part 3: Influencer Communities


Hey There! I hope you are all excited and gearing up for the long weekend! Labor Day Weekend is always so bittersweet because it’s my reminder that, summer is coming to an end….

If you have any time this upcoming long weekend, take some time to join Influencer Communities…

First, I have to thank Julia O Test at Julia O Test Blog for giving me this idea for a blog post because she recently posted something similar that really helped get me even deeper into my Influencer Marketing Platforms! Compared to many, I am a teeny tiny super micro….influencer! Sometimes it can be extremely hard for US (teeny tiny super micro influencers) to get a collaboration opportunity with a big brand because of our teeny tiny influence.

I’ve separated the different marketing influence communities

Marketing Influencer – Get Your Insights

Fohr Card

If you’re a big time blogger then you may be able to score some paid campaigns from this platform! Even greater, they have event campaigns as well for some of the biggest events…thinking fashion weeks? I’ve definitely NEVER scored a campaign from Fohr BUT I use it to get insight into my own social media page(s). It also gives you an estimate of how much you should be charging for campaigns based on your social media influence.


Marketing Influencer – Small Influencer, Great Campaigns!

The platforms in this next section are ones that I would greatly recommend you try especially if you’re a starting blogger or a small blogger ( you know teeny tiny micro influencers like me!). I’ve found some great campaigns on here, mostly unpaid but it’s a great way for you to meet and work with new brands as well as help build your own brand. Participating in campaigns like these are great ways to gather data to enhance your media kit for larger campaigns!

For example, you’re looking to join a campaign with Coca Cola….well they’re most likely going to ask what campaigns you’ve done before and what the outcome of those campaigns were. So to get exposure, especially as you’re starting, these are some great options.


I personally love Apex Drop! I think it’s one of the best platforms for starting bloggers to get their hands wet into some campaigns. Most, if not all, of the campaigns are unpaid. Basically, it takes about 15 minutes to create your profile and link all of your social media pages and they’ll start emailing and texting you when they feel that a campaign is a good match for you….

Apex Drop


Another great platform that I love! There are no paid campaigns but you take surveys instead and leave great reviews on amazing products! They reward you with a beautiful box of goodies for more reviews. Note* it may take a couple of hours to go through all of your “snaps”, depending on what your interests are…


Activate Social

This is a great platform for micro-influencers to get access to big brand campaigns! They link your profile to a variety of campaigns, some are paid while some are unpaid. The great thing about Activate is that they connect you larger brands such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Tampico Beverages, Walmart, and new upcoming brands as well!

Activate Social


This platform offers great campaigns, especially if you are a starting blogger. They link you with free products and you provide a post via Instagram, Facebook, and/or some other outlet. The platform is sooo cute, it’s set up like a fun online store with a couple of categories (beauty, women’s, men’s, dining and events) and you choose the products you are interested in and the brand will review you as a potential candidate.


Hype Factory

This is one that I’m still getting my head around but it looks really promising! I don’t think there are a ton of campaigns but it DOES allow you to put your own price on campaigns…I see you Boss Babe! I’ve yet to score a collaboration deal from Hype Factory but wish you all the best and luck! I love the idea that you get to set your own price 😉


The below are other influencer marketing platforms that can be great too. To be honest, I haven’t tried all of these below or I have and they didn’t work FOR ME (key words, for me) because I think  you should still create an account (they’re free) and see what they can do for you!

Smaller Campaigns – Great for Starters

Clever , Obviously , Octoly , Linqia , Revfluence

Slightly Larger Campaigns- Larger Micro Influencers

Revfluence, Upfluence Mavrck , Traackr , Speakr



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