New York Fashion Guide

New York Fashion Guide

…and SOME (because I can’t blog about them ALL) of the most Instagrammable locations in the Big Apple!

I was in NYC for the middle part of September, at the same time as Fashion Week and let me tell you, I LOVED NYC! I’m a big city girl and love everything urban, so NYC felt like home for me. Bright lights, shopping, history, beautiful architecture, and endless eateries! I’m currently working on my Getaway Guide for NY but as I wrap that up, I wanted to share my NY Fashion Guide. One of main purposes of my blog is to share with all of you how to look fashionable on your next NY trip and how to curate your outfits for some of the top NYC sites!

I follow a TON of notable bloggers who both live and visit NY frequently. One thing I’ve noticed that many of them have in common is that they tend to go for more black and grey hues….I’m not sure if it has to do with it being a concrete jungle and those tones go well with a lot of the NY backdrop. I told myself before heading out to NY that I was going to paint the Big Apple with all the color I could possibly wear!

Instagrammable Locations

Brooklyn Bridge

If you’re headed to the infamous Brooklyn Bridge you’re in for a treat and will def be photgraphed in one of the world’s most famous locations! When I think of the Brooklyn Bridge I imagine a sepia-like timeline. Imagine hues of brown and tan agains the beautiful NYC backdrop with the river and concrete jungle…

Brooklyn Bridge

Tip: A lot of people head straight to the Brooklyn Bridge walkway but the very front façade (where the cars enter) has beautiful sculptures and A LOT less crowded, meaning plenty of time to capture the perfect shot!

Central Park

Now when I say Central Park, keep in mind that it is HUGE! It’s over 50 blocks or approx 1.5 miles north to south and about 0.5 miles east to west. There are PLENTY of areas to catch the perfect shot. Also, it’s one of the few areas in NYC for a great shot if you’re NOT looking to capture the skyline and skyscrapers…

Central Park has a great mix of urban meets nature! You’ll be surrounded by trees and plenty of plant life or you can go to one of their many ponds and gathering areas. Though not photographed here, there is a famous concrete bridge in Central Park which is a great spot to snap Central Park and many people will know exactly where you are!


Midtown Manhattan

If you’re looking to be in the mix of everything and capturing the big city and big lights…make your way to Times Square and Midtown Manhattan

Empire State Building, Times Square, Top of the Rock & Rockefeller Center Plaza

To get the best views of the New York Skyline (in New York) AND get a great shot of the Empire State Building, make sure you head to Rockefeller Center and the infamous Top of the Rock! If you only have time for one, then head to Top of the Rock. If you have time to do both, go to one during the day (recommend Top of the Rock) and the other at night. This way you can get two great but VERY different views of NYC.

The entire Midtown area, in my opinion, is filled with old concrete buildings with grey facades and a dreary architectural style…again, this is all my opinion. Now I definitely loved the vibe of the neighborhoods and will be adding it to my MUST SEE areas in NYC…but if we’re talking fashion, ADD COLOR. Great way to stand out in the photos against this concrete jungle is to opt for BRIGHTS, FLORALS, BOLD PRINTS, and anything other than black, white, or grey.


NOTE: Times Square is actually pretty colorful given the fact that there are so many colorful lights surrounding you


Wanting those “Old” NY shots?? Imagine opening of Sex and the City with bustling streets filled with butchers carrying pigs, tourists looking lost, New Yorkers moving as if all of this is normal? Well, make your way to Chinatown! Apparently there are 4 official Chinatown’s in NY but the one I’m referring to is located in the Lower East Side (near Delancey St. and Essex St. station). This was one of the few areas in NY that made me feel like I walked into a time machine and went back to 1999 NYC!

It has a very chill vibe with a ton of street art and murals on all the roll up metal doors, cute coffee shop stands, fresh fish for sale at 8 am, and everything else that you wouldn’t see in downtown Manhattan…

Looking to take the ultimate fashion shot here?

In terms of fashion inspo in this area, I recommend keepin it street…streetstyle that is. With the hustle and bustle of Chinatown and lax vibes that hit you instantly, a good pair of denims, crop sweater, and sick sneakers will have you looking like you fit right in.


Ellis Island and Liberty Island

No trip is complete without a stop at Ellis Island and checking out the Statue of Liberty. This is where you can get another Instagram worthy shot of the New York skyline…assuming you didn’t have a shitty-cloudy day like I did (ugh, below). I chose to style my day in black, white, and gold because I thought the gold accents would look great against the Statue of Liberty tones from a distance. Also, being so grey and gloomy I thought why not brighten it up with a cute white and gold dress!


Headed to NY???

Well check out some of my favorite NY Bloggers whose feed and fashion is all GOALS….they’ve conquered the Big City and made it their Town!

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