5+ Perfect Fall Transition Pieces for a Budget

5+ Perfect Fall Transition Pieces for a Budget

September 21st marked the official, first day of fall and we’re nearly a month in! Wow has 2018 blown by…typically on the first day of fall, I reflect on the year to date. My birthday is also in September so it also aligns with my yearly reflection. I hope you’ve all accomplished or nearly accomplished everything you said you would this year for 2018…and if you haven’t, well there’s still two WHOLE months left to kick-ass and get those boxes checked!

As a fun fall blog post, I wanted to share 5+ great transition pieces for fall. Being in the Bay Area, September/October is actually some of the warmer months in the cities sitting coastal (ex: San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Half Moon Bay, etc) so for some summer is really JUST getting started…and since it’s never that warm in Northern California cities, it’s a great time to bust out transitional pieces! Sharing some cute yet affordable styles below!

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My Five Easy Ways to Transition Your Summer Pieces to Fall Ready!

Add Fall Accessories

One of the easiest ways to transition from summer to fall is simply by adding some warmer accessories to your fall collection. For example, add a light scarf to for those slightly cooler days and afternoons or may opt for a heavier one for the evenings. Another great add to your summer skirt or shorts is to pair it with a pair of over the knee socks! That is one of my favorite options for transitioning.

Add Fall Neutrals to Your Summer Brights

This is probably one of the funnest ways to transition towards fall. If you’re not ready for all of your feeds to be in yellow, orange, and red tones then this is a great option! Take a fun bright color (top or bottom) and pair it with one of the neutral tones for fall like olive, beige, camel, light greys, etc!

Add Leggings and Tights

Similar to #1, this is a very simple way to keep your summer wardrobe while still staying warm. One of my favorite dresses to wear in the spring/summer also look great for the fall given the darker green tones. However, it’s too cold to wear in the fall/winter without leg coverage. I always opt for tights or leggings (depending on how cold it is) and that way I can keep rocking it all year long.

This is also a great time to invest in FUN tights! There are so many different different tights’ styles out there and I always think fall is their golden season because they get to stand out and shine!

Add Jackets and Cardigans For Layers

Very simple and straight to the point and have fun with layering! For a very simple fix, you can simply throw on a coat or jacket and add to your summer attire. My personal opinion is that you should have fun with it! Look up Pinterest fun ways to add layers to your clothes and play with it a little. Play with layering different cardigans as well as mixing it with other outerwear options!

Swap Sandals for Boots and Booties

Trade in your summer sandals for boots and booties! Not sure why, but the moment you wear booties or boots with your outfit, it almost automatically gets filed under “Fall Fashion”….amirite? Also, with this step you can also incorporate any or all of the above steps too. My fall rule is if I have a long sleeve then I can have shorts or a skirt, and if I have pants then I can opt for a tee or short-sleeve top. I always recommend doing booties with longer legged bottoms like maxi skirts, pants, etc. and opting for knee high or over the knee boots with shorts, midi-skirts, or skirts. Again, you can add tights, leggings, scarves, etc for added warmth and layers, as needed.






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