WanderTheBay Intro

Hi There! So if you’ve been following me on this website, THANK YOU! I wanted to create a new IG and social media page that specifically talks about and highlights the Best the Bay Area has to offer! Living here for almost my entire life, there’s A LOT to still see and never appreciation on my end. So my new IG page, WanderTheBay is my thank you to the Bay Area for blessing me with all it’s culture, beauty, nature, amazing coffee shops, karaoke bars, hot pot spots, and MUCH MORE!

Instead of only sharing my Weekend Getaway Guides, which I DEFINITELY will continue, I also want to give you an insight to the Bay Area day to day. We have so many free museums, hidden gems, street art, public open spaces, and so much to offer.

What You Can Expect

I’ll be bringing you a fun blog post each and every Monday highlighting an event, a city, a neighborhood in the Bay Area on the blog. In addition, I’ll be sharing posts daily on IG and stories as well. Trying to focus on giving you Travel Tuesdays, Wander Wednesdays, Thirsty Thursdays, Foodie Fridays, and more Weekend Wanderer content for Saturday and Sunday. Unlike my traditional IG @thetrendyblock I’m ONLY going to share Bay Area related content….

I can’t wait to share more of my love for the Bay Area with you all..thank you for joining me on my journey with fashion, life, and travel on The Trendy Block….I hope to keep sharing and wandering with you all through Wander The Bay…..


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