Discover Morro Bay

Discover Morro Bay, Morro Rock, San Luis Obispo County

….take the extra two hours and opt for Highway 1 to check out California’s beautiful coastline on your way down Morro Bay (or up if you’re coming from So. Cal). You won’t regret the beautiful CA coastline views on your way down or the beautiful redwoods as you go through Big Sur. There are plenty of vista points, historic markers, and signs along the drive.

…dine, shop, and explore along the Embarcadero! Morro Bay has an adorable Boardwalk lined with cute shops, dining, small museums, and much more. Get up and grab yourself some Slo-Coffee and fresh cinnamon rolls at one of the fresh bakeries along the Embarcadero and go for a nice morning stroll. Don’t leave Morro Bay without indulging in their very local and very fresh seafood.

….did you really go to Morro Bay if you didn’t stop by Morro Rock, I think not. You can either opt to walk the mile-ish trail towards Morro Rock or you can drive down the Embarcadero which turns into Coleman Ave. and takes you directly into the parking lot at the base of the rock. I think you’ll actually be amazed at how large the rock is once you’re in front of it.

There’s also a large beach at the base of the rock which has great waves for beginning surfers, body boarders, and more. Also, if you’re into stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking the bay (on the opposite side of the rock from the beach) has calm water, amazing Morro Rock views, and you can even get close to some sea life like otters and seals.

….walk around Oldtown and download the walking tour map HERE! If you’ve read my blog for a while then you probably know how much I love history so I always do a quick search on a city’s ‘old town’ neighborhood. Morro Bay city website provides a free walking map and guide on the 20+ historical sites. They’re all within blocks of each other and make for a great morning or evening stroll. Most, if not all of the original stores have now been converted for a new use but you can still find hints of the towns history.

…take a nice hike up Black Hill Trail for top of the world views. Take the one mile-ish (roundtrip) hike to the top of Black Hill and visit one of the other ‘sisters’ of San Luis Obispo. The hike is an incline but only about 0.6 miles to get to the top and definitely doable for non-hikers. You can sit amongst the rocks at the top if you want to bring some snacks while enjoying the view.

Discover Morro Bay

Explore the sunsets and nearby coastlines and get lost….its so crazy how much we lose track of time and lose so much time when we’re traveling, must be all the fun while exploring. When possible, I love walking off the beaten path and just getting lost. I had some extra time on this trip, as it was very last minute and very unplanned, to just walk and get lost. I spotted a trail off the road which led me to the sea where a boat had sunk. I sat there and watched the end of the sunset along the CA coast with no one else in sight or nearby. There is something beautiful about just finding solace and contentment in your own presence, listening to mother nature sing through the wind and the waves.

Have you been to Morro Bay? I would love to hear about your experiences and any recommendations!

<3 happy travels


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