Wander The Bay – Big Basin State Park

Big Basin Ca, California Day Trip, Santa Cruz Mountains

…what is outside? Not sure myself especially after the global pandemic aka COVID-19 struck. After enduring 3+ months of sheltering in place, it looks like America is slowly but surely opening up. I know everyone has their opinion on opening and whether it is appropriate or not. I think regardless of how which side of the topic you’re on, most of us can agree that IF you are going to go outside then opting for the outdoors is safer than being surrounded by 4 walls and recirculated air. Being outdoors not only does wonders for us mentally, but it’s easier to maintain a safe distance from others outside (opt for wider trails when possible).

Big Basin Ca, California Day Trip, Santa Cruz Mountains

I’ve been trying to take this time to explore some parks outside of my neighborhood and recently found myself stumbling into Big Basin. If you’re not familiar with Big Basin, it is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains and (in my opinion) get overshadowed by infamous Big Sur, which makes Big Basin a perfect option during these times. Surround yourself in the redwood forest, overlooking waterfalls, and getting deep with mother nature.

If you haven’t already make sure you download the All Trails App! Its a helpful tool that will give you a list of trails within the park (and others too!). We wanted to see the waterfall so we opted for the Sempervirens Fall (approx. 3 miles roundtrip) but there are a few other ones within the state park especially for those more experienced. Big Basin is a perfect day trip for Bay Area residents, especially for those in the South Bay! I recommend going early to Big Basin to explore the park then heading to Santa Cruz or Capitola for a late lunch or dinner, to make the perfect day trip!

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