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Hey Guys! Hope that you’re all staying safe and well! I can’t even describe how much I miss traveling during this time but know that safety and health is the most important thing. I look forward to the day we can all travel safely around the world again! Its so crazy and of course I miss exploring…..ironically we were in Costa Rica right when countries started to lockdown so I’m definitely blessed that we were able to travel one last time and blessed to have made it home safe and sound! So excited to share my Costa Rica travels with you all, enjoy!

Hmmm where do I start! Ahhh, yes, NOMS! The best ceviche I’ve ever tasted in my entire life! I can’t tell you how delicious and fresh the food in Costa Rica is. We stopped at several markets and tried a mix of restaurants and I kid you not, we never had a bad meal. The one thing I can say about Costa Rica is that when it comes to seafood, you cannot go wrong! I also loved the fresh fruit that you could get practically everywhere!

Costa Rica is FILLED with rainforests and endless beautiful natural parks. Definitely take an entire day to check out one of the many rainforests. They all have different things to offer, some including sloths, chocolate tours, ATV rides, and much more so definitely do your research. We opted to go to the Monteverde Rainforest because our group wanted to see suspension bridges and sloths and this forest offered both.

SLOTHS!! I watched an HGTV episode of International House Hunters where a couple moved to Costa Rica just for the sloths…sloth love is real love y’all. Costa Rica has a few variety of sloths and located throughout the country so options are pretty wide no matter where you’re visiting. Also, a few are close to San Jose )which is where you’ll fly in from if you’re coming from overseas). Also as I mentioned above at the rainforest, you can kill a few birds with one stone and combine it with another activity. We went to a sloth sanctuary and even saw a few of them moving around! So awesome! They really are adorbs.

Jaco, beach city. Most of the areas in Costa Rica are fairly remote and you won’t find much of a ‘city vibe’ outside of San Jose. Not to say that there aren’t plenty of cute beach towns lined with restaurants, bars, and shops. We stayed about an hour south of Jaco so it was the perfect day trip for us more than once. Its also a great beach for any surfers on your trip or anyone who wants to get catch some waves! I had a blast body surfing and boogie boarding too, if the surf is a bit much!

Another great day trip idea for your Costa Rica getaway is Tortuga Island….if you’re staying in or near Jaco or Santa Teresa then add Tortuga to your trip list. You’ll be taking the catamaran to get to the island and most packages include lunch on the island and some free water activities and some paid activities. It was another perfect day on beach vacation heaven with ceviche, fresh fruit, and more!

Get off the beaten path and explore and find secret beaches…one of the best days of our Costa Rica trip was getting lost and finding some private beaches. I definitely recommend getting friendly with a local, like we did, who can take you to some secluded areas where both the land and water are safe. If you can’t ask around then definitely research! And I mean thoroughly, read a several articles and double check google maps satellite. Another great way to see the recent scenery is going on IG and use the location tag or place and tab over to ‘recent’ to check out most recent photos. Careful for rip tides, low tides, high tide, and most importantly do your research well in advance.

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