Trendy Homes Remodel – Kitchen

Trendy Homes Kitchen Remodel

Hey There! How are we all holding up during covid? I hope everyone is staying safe and finding new and creative ways to keep busy and stay sane! I hope you guys have been enjoying the added content regarding our home remodel! If you haven’t checked it out yet go check out Trendy Homes – Bathroom Remodel which talks all about it!

Original Kitchen

The original kitchen was great, especially as it was photographed above but it did not match the vibe for the house and functionally did not work. As you can see in the photos, the stove is on the other side of the room which required us to walk thru the dining room to get to it. There also was not a fridge when we toured the house which created a challenge for us as that was a must for any kitchen. The doorway into the kitchen was also sooooo tiny! I mean only one person could be in the doorway at once along with the rest of the kitchen so we knew that this was going to be a gut job….

Demolition Phase

Inspiration Phase

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? More importantly how else do you find visual inspiration? Please tell me! I have so many saved pins and vision boards for every room in our house. I knew I wanted to keep the farmhouse theme with a mix of some modern.

This meant, I wanted my hardware to all be black to highlight more of that farmhouse feel as well as accent it with wood type elements to keep that feel going. Our kitchen is extremely narrow so I knew I wanted to use white cabinets to open up the space. I opted to use the white in the upper cabinets so it would appear open but wanted to mix my cabinet colors to add some modern details. I also really wanted to incorporate a mix of seating options to add some more character to our kitchen, and let me tell you I am in LOVE with the final product!

Mid-Stage Kitchen Remodel

I felt nearly complete with our kitchen remodel at this stage…I literally could have walked away at this point and been pretty much satisfied but something told me that we weren’t quite complete.

Something about the kitchen and dining area was still too dry and stale for me and I knew it needed a bit more character and storage as well!

Final Kitchen Remodel, all about the details…

What makes a room complete or any project complete really lies in the details…the details that you think nobody notices are what really add the extra 10%! I purchased some rustic planters for the dining room and added small accent details to finish the look. We even opted to include a farmhouse style sink in the kitchen to tie in all of the details. I’ve made an effort to get countertop accessories in wood laminate finishes to keep the kitchen area warm.

If I could go back on any of this kitchen remodel I definitely would have added a more dramatic backsplash in the actual kitchen area and had it go up the entire wall height but wouldn’t change any other detail! Hope you all enjoyed my kitchen remodel!

<3 Happy remodeling

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