Check Out My Money Management Free Resource – Budget Tool

Check Out My Money Management Free Resource – Budget Tool

I hope you all enjoyed some of the money management blog posts. My true belief is that budgeting is the most important one which is why the series started with Money Monday Part 1 – Setting and Sticking to a Realistic Budget. If you’re ready to start your journey to reach financial freedom, get out of debt, start saving, and investing then download my free budget tool now! Links below.

Note: Unlike other budget tools I’ve seen, mine is EXTREMELY detailed. It’s hard to see where your money is going if you don’t break everything out! More importantly, it’s hard to see where you can find savings when you combine so many expenses together. I’ve shared both the PDF version and Excel version but definitely recommend the Excel version since it has built in formulas and you can edit it much easier. Also, you can copy and paste for each month and just make your edits that way rather than fill everything in and recalculate it each month.

PDF Budget Tool Linked HERE

Excel/Google Sheets Budget Tool Linked HERE

If you have any questions regarding the budget sheet, feel free to e-mail me or DM me on IG @thetrendyblock


Happy Budgeting

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