My IVF Journey…Transfer Day and More Waiting

Transfer Day IVF

The day had finally come! After Starting Your IVF Journey – How to Choose A Treatment Center and Getting in the Best Headspace and Starting Your IVF Medications + Injections to finally My IVF Journey, Extraction and the Waiting Game…we were able to finally make it to our transfer day. Let me give you a quick low-down on the schedule so we’re all on the same page of IVF timing…the entire process including pregnancy is well over a year and I consider our story a true blessing…

September 2020 – interviewed and met with Pacific Fertility Center

Thanksgiving 2020 – started IVF medications and injections

December 2020 – extraction and embryo testing

February 2020 – transfer date and confirming pregnancy

So after the extraction we found out we had 7 viable embryos for use. I was told that there was a 60% chance of success for the transfer and was very worried about using our healthiest embryo first. Leading up to the transfer I probably had to visit the clinic every 1-2 days to check my lining and ovulation levels for optimal implantation. The actual procedure to do the implantation is pretty straight forward and only took a few minutes. No need to be put under anesthesia and no pain afterwards…just the waiting game, again. This time for 10 days before you go back to confirm pregnancy. I took an at home pregnancy test about one week after our procedure because the anticipation was killing me! I remember the excitement of seeing a positive result but did not want to get my hopes up too high because it was still very early and anything could happen. Three days later I was back at the clinic and they confirmed a positive pregnancy as well and we’re soooooo happy to share that we are expecting Baby Brixton this October!


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