Destination Wedding Essentials Not to Forget

Destination Wedding Essentials Not to Forget

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Destination wedding essentials can be easy to overlook. Of course, you need things you usually would for travel. But also don’t forget things such as birth certificates and marriage and legal documents that are required for the event. There’s a ton of stuff, but here are the most vital.

The Rings, Of Course

Wedding earnings are a traditional part of the ceremony. Of course, you don’t have to use rings, and some people even get tattoos. But could you imagine forgetting the rings for your wedding? You may already have an engagement ring with a shiny diamond on your finger. But you can also buy diamond wedding rings. See this guide to lab diamond pricing for more information on costs. That being said, it is really more of what the wedding ring symbolizes than anything else. 

Birth Certificate Copies

A birth certificate is a legally required document to be married in most places. And you cannot be married without them. There are strict rules around this in countries such as the UK. And you may even need copies of your parent’s birth certificates as well. Always check what you need for the country in which you are to be wed. The last thing you want is to plan everything well only to be refused the actual marriage because of an oversight of something as simple as this.

Destination Wedding Essentials Includes Dresses

Most brides look forward to their wedding dresses the most. It is a big decision, and you want to look your best since you hope you will only do this once. Pack your wedding dress first before all your clothes, and ensure it is folded well in a dress bag. This will protect it from damage and help when unfolding it. Of course, also make sure you pack bridesmaids’ dresses or call each bridesmaid and make sure they have packed the dress he will need for your big day.

Other Legal Documents

A birth certificate is almost always required for marriage abroad. But there are also others you need to consider. These include passports, death certificates of your previous spouse, or divorce documents if you are divorced. You may also need a change of name document, written consent if you are under the age of 18, and a marriage license. It can be hard to get these together, but having them will ensure nothing goes wrong at the time you really don’t need them.

Get Wedding Insurance

You probably didn’t consider this, but you also need wedding insurance. Going abroad, anything can happen. Flights can be canceled, supplies can go missing, and the weather can even put a cancellation on your day. Without insurance, you will be left out of pocket and may even have to rearrange another wedding, effectively doubling your costs. Wedding insurance covers you for all unforeseen events, making sure you can recover some of the costs if something goes wrong.


The rings are, of course, among destination wedding essentials, and the dresses too. But there are some you may not have thought of, such as official documents and wedding insurance.


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