Three things to know before moving to America

Three things to know before moving to America

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America is a beautiful country with so much to see and do – you’ve got the city life, the beautiful beaches, the countryside and so much more, all dotted around the country. For this reason, it’s no surprise that holidaymakers may want to extend their stay permanently and move to the US – it’s why we love to cover around the U.S.A. 

So, you’ve started looking at properties? Thought about using a company for long distance movers? And saved enough to buy your dream? The last thing is to be 100% sure about relocating and to do that last bit of research before committing. 

Here are three things to know before moving to America. 

No two states are the same

We touched on it above, one of the most exciting things about America is that no two states are the same. With such vast land, there is a big change of scenery and architecture as you stop off between the different states. In one state you’ll find tall skyscrapers, such as New York, whereas in another you can visit another state such as Florida and you’ll find gorgeous beaches in Miami. No matter the type of person you are and your interests, there is a place for everyone in America. 

The National Parks are stunning!

If you thought your National Parks were beautiful, wait until you see the ones in America. In the US there are 423 national park sites, with 63 of them having the “National Park” designation in their names. Each has its own unique selling point and unique beauties – you want to make sure you bring a camera when visiting. There is no rush to visit them all, during your time you can attempt a few each year until you have visited all of the main ones. (If you can visit all 423, that would be very impressive)

You won’t go hungry when eating out 

Foodies will love America! From affordable eateries to award-winning restaurants run by celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey, the US has it all. And, you’ll never go hungry when dining. The portion sizes are huge, so big that you’ll find yourself taking it home to enjoy the next day on a lot of occasions – especially if you opt for starters, mains, and desserts. When you dine at restaurants, remember tipping is very big and very important in America. Expect to pay between an 18% tip to 22% depending on how your experience in the restaurant is. 

The above are three of many things that we love about America and wanted to make you aware of before moving to the US. With a quick search online, you’ll find a whole myriad of other benefits for you to enjoy. 

What things do you think others should know before moving to America? Which of the above tips do you most agree with? Is there anything you think we should add to the list? Let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. 


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